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Peter Merrill

Sunlinq 12 Watt Folding Solar Panel

Written December 04, 2007

Lightweight, small and easy to use!

I do a lot of hiking and camping either with others or solo. It is great to get away for an overnight hike or even for a few days. We seemed to do just fine on the trails before we had these new electronic devices, now we can't seem to be without them. Cell phone, digital camera, GPS, etc. Somehow they manage to find a place in the backpack. When you are out for more than an overnight hike, you will eventually need additional power for them.
For a little more weight and space than the extra batteries, you can recharge or power these devices with the Sunlinq. The 12 watt unit recharges my cellphone or GPS as quickly as if it is plugged into the car socket.
I don't want to be checking in with the office or 'yacking' away on the trail, but I do like to have the added safety margin these electronic devices provide. The Sunlinq unit is an essential component of this safety margin.
Be prepared!

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