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Solar Slowpump

Solar Slowpump

The Dankoff Solar Slowpump is less expensive than sub-mersible DC pumps, and made in a wide range of sizes. All Slowpump models can operate direclty off of solar panels or batteries. They can be operated at half of their rated voltage which provides half the rated flow and requires half the required wattage for a given lift. Slowpump can also be used to pressurize in applications where the lift requirements are higher than our FLowlight Booster pump can do.

All Slowpumps require filtration of up to 10 microns and must not run dry. Please see our Pump Acessories for more details.

APPLICATIONS Use Solar-Electric Power to provide 200-2,600 Gallons per Day (750-10,000 ltrs.) from shallow water sources. Slowpump can lift water as high as 450 vertical feet (137m).

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