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Shurflo Surface Pumps

Shurflo Surface Pumps

Select below from our offering of Shurflo surface pumps, often used in solar power pumping systems, ranging from 12V to 24V DC and 115V to 230V AC. For a quick overview of Shuflo's pump check out the quick video above.

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SHURflo Series Surface Pumps

SHURflo has three series of positive displacement surface pumps that are great for Solar Power Systems, the 2088, 8000, and 5000 series. These pumps run dry without damage, are self priming, and user serviceable. The built-in check valve prevents unwanted reverse flow. Mount the pumps in any direction where you need it. Their low current draw makes them a perfect solution for a solar home. With the built-in pressure demand switch, you can use it with or without a pressure tank.

SHURflo 2088 Series Surface Pumps:

The SHURflo 2088 series are medium volume transfer diaphragm pumps. They are self priming up to 12 feet, and pump up to 3.6 gallons per minute, and can pressurize up to 45 PSI and run dry without damage. Here are the voltages and models available for the 2088 series:


12V DC

  • Model 2088-443-144 Standard Surface Pump (up to 3.5GPM)
  • Model 2088-514-145 Premium Surface Pump with Fin Cooled Motor (up to 3.6GPM)
  • Model 2088-713-534 Premium Surface Pump (up to 3.6GPM)
  • 24V DC

  • Model 2088-474-144 Standard Surface Pump (up to 3.0GPM)
  • Model 2088-573-534 Premium Surface Pump with Splash-Proof Motor (up to 3.6GPM)
  • 115V AC

  • Model 2088-594-154 Standard Delivery Pump (up to 3.3GPM)
  • 230V AC

  • Model 2088-564-144 Standard Delivery Pump (up to 3.0GPM)
  • SHURflo 8000 Series High Pressure Pumps:

    The SHURflo 8000-443 series is a high pressure 12 volt DC VDC diaphragm pumps used for general purpose water delivery. The pump boosts water pressure in your home, up to 60- 120 PSI, with the built-in pressure demand switch and check valve. It pumps up to 1.5gpm and runs dry without damage. The 8000 series pumps are self priming up to 8 feet. It is a compact and economical solution. Here are the models:

    12V DC

  • Model 8000-443-136 Standard Pump (up to 1.6GPM)
  • Model 8000-443-236 Standard Pump (up 1.7GPM)
  • SHURflo 5000 Series High Volume Pumps:

    The SHURflo 5000 series of diaphragm pumps are high volume water movers that pump smoothly. They are self priming, up to 6 feet. They pump up to 5.3GPMgpm and up to 60PSIpsi and can run dry without damage. Available in 12 or 24VDC, . The 5000 series features a sealed switch and motor shell to keep incidental water spray from damaging the pump. NOTE: While it is a sealed motor and switch, all SHURflo surface pumps are designed to be installed out of the elements in a building or shed. Here are the models:

    12V DC

  • Model 5040-2301-D011 (up to 4.0GPM, 55PSI)
  • Model 5050-2301-C011 (up to 5.0GPM, 55PSI)
  • 24V DC

  • Model 5040-2301-H011 (up to 4.0 GPM, 55PSI)
  • Model 5050-2301-G011 (up to 5.0 GPM, 55PSI)
  • Tips when installing a SHURflo surface pump:

  • To prevent debris from entering the pump and harming it, you should install a Shurflo strainer. Be certain to also clean out the strainer as needed.
  • The fittings are all tapered thread, so do NOT over-tighten these. Thread by hand until snug and then perhaps another 1⁄4 turn – that is it, not more is needed. Also, no pipe tape is needed on the pump fittings. These are tapered and do not need tape, which could find it’s way in the pump head causing damage.
  • When winter is on its way, be sure to winterize your water system, especially surface pumps. This can be done by adding a food grade anti- freeze or removing the pumps for the cold season. Pumps with water in the head or the line can freeze and then expand. This can crack the pump head or line causing significant damage. An ounce of prevention is easily worth the effort required.
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