Uniti EcoFreedom 5 Off-Grid Home Power System (5kW, 10kWh)

Uniti EcoFreedom 5 Off-Grid Home Power System (5kW, 10kWh)
Uniti EcoFreedom 5 Off-Grid Home Power System (5kW, 10kWh)

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Model: EcoFreedom-5 (EcoFreedom 5kW)
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Introducing the KiloVault Uniti: EcoFreedom

Off grid, all-in-one, solar ready energy storage system

You asked for it, we designed and build it.

You want an all-in-one off-grid power and battery system that powers everything from the basics of your refrigerator and coffee maker to your Starlink antenna dish and 75-inch Smart TV.

You also want to spend your previous free time enjoying life at your cabin or remote home, not scratching your head reading manuals on how to program and wire inverters, breaker and batteries safely. 

Enter the Uniti EcoFreedom off-grid all-in-one home power system.

Designed to be installable by the average DIYer and a friend, the EcoFreedom series is solar-ready (see the add-ons packages) and capable of enabling 24/7 off-grid living. You can wire in your generator to quickly and efficiently charge up the batteries and run silently for hours or days without the smell or noise of the gennie in the background. We do recommend having an electrician do the AC wiring to your home and generator.

Designed and assembled in the USA.

Here’s what the EcoFreedom series can do

EcoFreedom Lite

EcoFreedom 5

EcoFreedom 10

Continuous Max Power

5 kW

5 kW

10 kW

Output Voltage

120V AC

120V AC

120/240V AC

Usable Energy

4.2 kWh

9.6 kWh

18.4 kWh

Battery Tech

Advanced Carbon-Lead

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Lithium Iron Phosphate

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

5 kW

5 kW

10 kW





Estimated days saved in install

4-10 Days (DIY)

1-2 Days (Pro)

4-10 Days (DIY)

1-2 Days (Pro)

4-10 Days (DIY)

1-2 Days (Pro)

Where people are using the Uniti EcoFreedom today

  • Summer cabins
  • Hunting cabins
  • Backyard tool sheds
  • Underground bunkers
  • Island homes with no cost effective grid power
  • Carribean islands where the grid frequently fails
  • Residential emergency backup power systems 

Picture being able to live without relying on the grid by using solar power or cutting back on diesel generator use. The Uniti EcoFreedom is ideal for those living in remote locations. It allows them to live off the grid while still enjoying comfort and convenience.

Solar Ready When You’re Ready

The Uniti EcoFreedom come pre-installed with highly-efficient Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) based, integrated solar charge controller capable of supporting 5000W to 10,000W of pure solar power to charge the system and power your home. So if today you want to use the EcoFreedom for backup power only or reduce how often you need to run your loud generator today, you will always have the option to add solar panels the day you want to. Be sure to check out our pre-configured solar panel kits for the Uniti, pre-designed to provide you all that you need to take you Uniti Ecofreedom to complete, renewable energy independence for your home or cabin.

Power your home with Uniti EcoFreedom

The Uniti EcoFreedom is theultimate off-grid energy storage system for those seeking to live a sustainable and independent lifestyle. Our system can be powered by optional solar panels and is designed to provide a reliable off-grid system that can handle a wide range of energy needs.

The heart of the Uniti EcoFreedom system is our state-of-the-art lithium battery, which is designed to provide long-lasting and reliable energy storage. For those looking for a smaller, lower cost system we designed the Uniti EcoFreedom Lite with advanced pure lead carbon batteries.

An integrated solar charge controller ensures that your batteries are charged efficiently and effectively, optimizing the systems round-trip efficiency. The included inverter allows for high discharge rates help to ensure that you get the most out of your system.

Whether you are looking to live off the grid completely or simply want to reduce your reliance on the grid, the Uniti EcoFreedom is the perfect solution. With a reliable off-grid solar system, you can enjoy off grid living you have always dreamed of without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Investing in the Uniti EcoFreedom means investing in your future and the future of our planet. Join the growing number of people who are choosing to live sustainably and independently with the ultimate off-grid energy storage system.

Why should I buy the KiloVault Uniti EcoFreedom? 

If you have a remote cabin, cottage, or retreat, or even a shed or detached garage, and you need power you need the KiloVault Uniti EcoFreedom. Get free power from the sun or wind, or reduce your generator run time significantly. Save hours of your time by getting a professional pre-wired off grid solution. 

KiloVault Uniti EcoFreedom was designed from the ground up for simple DIY installation by a single person. Unlike other all-in-one solutions, EcoFreedom is broken down into simple to move sections, so one person can move all the parts easily to the project location without any special tools or equipment. 

The EcoFreedom is professionally prewired, preconfigured and pre-tested to make sure your system setup will be a breeze. We do the hard work for you, so you can plug in and enjoy power wherever and whenever you need it. And better yet, the EcoFreedom is assembled and tested in the United States. 

What can you run with the KiloVault Uniti EcoFreedom?

 what can I run?

With the Uniti EcoFreedom, you can run twelve 10w LED bulbs for 80 hours before your system needs a charge. If you add a phone and laptop using 130w, you can run your system for 40 hours. If you turn on the TV, satellite dish, wifi and starlink for another 500w, your system will last 20 hours before needing a charge. On of the largest loads is heating and cooling, adding in a 1500w heat pump for hot water, air conditioning and air heating will drain the battery down in about 4 hours before the batteries need a top off. Estimates based on a fully charged lithium battery system, at optimal temperature of 65 degrees F.

With the Uniti EcoFreedom Lite, you can run a 120w load for approximately 50 hours, a 250w load for 24 hours, a 500w load for 12 hours, and a 2400w load for 2 hours. Estimates based on a fully charged lead carbon battery bank at optimal temperature of 65 degrees F.

 what's using energy?


The largest load in this situation is the HVAC. If you're able to generate heating with other sources, like wood fire, pellet stove or natural gas, you system will run a lot longer before a charge is needed. 

Why is the number 32 important to DIY’ers?

That’s the number of hours buying a Uniti EcoFreedom will save the average DIY in install time. That's nearly a complete work week you would otherwise have to spend reading manuals, trips to the hardware store, researching electrical code requirements, wiring and programming typical off-grid inverter systems with solar charge controllers. The Uniti EcoFreedom saves you all that precious time.

The EcoFreedom comes pre-wired to US national electrical code standards with the inverter/charge controller pre-programmed to the batteries that comes with it. That’s a whole lotta’ headache saved and a whole lot more time for you to enjoy what's more important in life. 

What's included in the KiloVault Uniti EcoFreedom?

KiloVault Uniti EcoFreedom is an 'all-in-one' energy storage system. It includes a  pre-programmed off grid inverter, integrated solar charge controller, 10kWh (9.6 kWh usable) of lithium ion batteries in the EcoFreedom or 8.4kWh, 4.2 kWh usable Lead Carbon batteries in the EcoFreedom Lite and all disconnects, lighting and over current protection pre-wired for a super quick installation. Simply connect your optional solar panels, or other charging source, interconnect the batteries with the supplied cables, and your system is ready to deliver AC power any time, day or night. The EcoFreedom even has built in AC breakers, so it can completely eliminate the need for an additional main panel breaker box in many cases. 

What is an off-grid energy storage system?

Off-grid energy storage systems store energy generated by renewable sources like solar panels and wind turbines, or even fossil fuel generators, and they can be used when the energy demand exceeds the energy produced. These systems are popular in remote areas where grid connection is impossible or expensive, or in areas with frequent power outages.

In the past you would have to buy lots of parts and pieces to build your own off grid system, but now with the Uniti EcoFreedom, your inverter, charge controller, batteries, overcurrent protection, breakers are all pre-wired for a super fast and easy installation. In fact, buying a pre-wired all in one off grid energy storage system can save you over forty hours of installation labor, so you can spend more time enjoying your off grid paradise and less time running back and forth to the hardware store. 


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