Small Off Grid Cabin Solar and Stroage Kit
Medium Off Grid Cabin Solar and Stroage Kit
Large Off Grid Cabin Solar and Stroage Kit

Small Off Grid Cabin Solar and Stroage Kit
Small Off Grid Cabin Solar and Stroage Kit
Medium Off Grid Cabin Solar and Stroage Kit
Medium Off Grid Cabin Solar and Stroage Kit
Large Off Grid Cabin Solar and Stroage Kit
Large Off Grid Cabin Solar and Stroage Kit

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Off Grid 200W Solar Power System

Off Grid Cabin Solar Power Systems

Kits include all you need to set up your off grid cabin power system!  Contact us today and let us help you design the perfect system. Pricing is indicative and is a typical example of what one might pay for various different system sizes. We can help you put together a custom quote for your project. Call today 877-878-4060 

Try our sizing calculator for off-grid solar power systems to help you determine how many solar panels and how much energy storage you need.

Off Grid Solar and Storage Kit Features:

  • Tier 1 Solar Panels with 25 year warranty from top brands like Panasonic, Qcells, and more
  • Roof or Ground Mounting 
  • Inverter / Charger 
  • MPPT charge controller
  • Batteries - lithium ion or seal lead acid 
  • All the parts you need: AC and DC breakers, overcurrent protection, lightning protection, optional DC lighting system & AC outlet
  • Black rooftop mounting system with flashing along with ground mount or pole mount options
  • Rapid Shutdown system when applicable 
  • Cables, disconnects, pass through and other necessary supplies to get your solar electric system installed right

  • Solar Panels

    Panasonic EverVolt HJT 400 W module, 132 half-cell, 30mm, black frame, black backsheet, MC4 connector

    Typical roof mounted solar panels are 395 watts to 425 watts while ground mounted panels are 540 watts or more. Of course you can put 500w+ panels on the roof, but they are very heavy and designed for ground mounted applications. Rooftop panels are often all black, meaning the frames, back sheet and cells are all solid black for great ascetics. Ground mounted modules tend to have silver frames and white or clear back sheet. Some ground mount panels even have double glass for enhanced longevity, but the extra glass can make them very heavy. 

    JA Solar 545w D30 Series Bifacial PERC 144 half cell module:11BB, Silver Frame, Glass Backsheet, Genuine MC4 1500V connectors on 1300mm cables.

    The solar panel market is changing quickly. Contact us to find out that the recommended solar panel is for your needs and budget. Feel free to browse our solar panel offering online


    Tamarack Solar 3 Module 1st Column Ground Mount Kit

    About half the projects we work on are roof mounted and the other half ground mounted. For roof mounts, we recommend the Tamarack roof mount kits and for ground mount we recommend the Tamarac ground mount kits. These kits are fantastic because they have everything you need in one package. The roof mount kits are sold one kit for every four panels and the ground mount kits are sold one kit per three or four panels. So if you have eleven panels you can get three of the four panel kits, and will have some extra parts. 

    Tamarack Solar 93
    For roof mounts, you'll also want to get flashing if your on a composite shingle roof, or S5! clamps if you're on a metal roof. We have additional options for flat roofs, as well as tilt legs to bump the panels up

    Black Tamarack Flashing, Lag Bolts/Washers, 8 Pack

    In addition to standard ground mounts, we also have options for side of pole and top of pole mounting, though side of pole is mostly only used for smaller systems. 


    Renon Power XTreme 10kWh System - 1 Control and 2 Batteries

    We carry a wide selection of lithium ion and lead acid batteries. Most systems today use LFP Lithium-ion batteries but there are some applications, like very cold or elevated environments, where lead acid is still being used. For smaller systems, 12v batteries are used, while on the larger systems 48v batteries are now standard. 

    Renon Power Xcellent Wall Mounted Battery 5.12kWh

    We have stackable batteries that can connect together on top of each other like building blocks, as well as wall mounted batteries. For those on a budget, we also offer the blade style, rack mounted batteries, with all the same functionality of the others but with a lower price and lesser aesthetic qualities. 

    Renon Power EBrick Battery Module 5.12kWh

    You will want to consider batteries with UL 9540 and 9540a certifications if your location requires it. Systems with this certification can cost a bit more, but you are getting the highest possible safety ratings. Most battery systems do not have 9540 or 9540a certification, so if this is something you want or need make sure it has this specification. Also, only lithium batteries have this certification at this time. 

    MK 8A8D AGM 245Ah (20HR) LTP Terminal

    Inverters and chargers 

    Renon Power Renon Power Flex 12kW Hybrid Inverter

    The inverter-charger is the heart of your system. More and more solutions today are fully integrated- meaning a single device will have the solar charge controller, AC charger, generator input, load output and grid input all in one. If all in one is not your style you can still find systems where you'll get a separate charge controller, inverter and load center, but this style is becoming more and more rare. 

    Midnite Solar Rosie 7000W 48V Inverter/Charger

    Our off grid inverters come in a range of sizes from 150w up to 10,000w - many of the inverters can be connected together for nearly limitless power. 

    Rapid Shutdown 

    Rooftop systems in many locations are required to have a rapid shutdown safety system installed. Even if not required, many choose to install rapid shutdown as an extra precaution. Rapid shutdown will disconnect your solar panels if triggered. Popular rapid shutdown devices are Tigo and APS

    Cables, wires and disconnects 

    Staubli 30' Mc4 Connector Extension #10 Awg

    altE provides solar cables, pass through and combiner boxes, and battery cables. For most systems you'll need to source conduit and "home run" wire locally and is in ample supply at any big box hardware store. You may also need additional disconnects or breakers depending on the individual site specific requirements of your project. If you need help figuring out what sizes you need, we recommend that you purchase one of our professional design packages. This package will spell out the right size wire, conduit and disconnects for your project. 

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