Solar Panel Mounts & Trackers

Solar Panel Mounts & Trackers

First decide if you plan to mount the solar panels on the roof, the ground, or on a pole in the yard. Then click on either IronRidge to configure an IronRidge mounting solution for your application, or the UniRac Mount sizing publication (PDF format) to correctly size the mount to fit the quantity and model of solar panels you have chosen. Once you find the solar panel mount model or components (as in the case of Unirac) just copy and paste them into our search bar above on our site to find them quickly and add them to your cart. You can also see the different cateogories of solar panel mounts by clicking on the categories below.

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More Info on Solar Panel Mounts & Trackers

Selecting Your Solar Panel Mounting

Mounting solar panels correctly is part of maximizing power production, and it is also an important way to protect your investment from the force of wind. The proper solar panel mounting provides stability and the proper directional and latitudinal orientation for the solar array.

Solar Panel Trackers

Although solar panel trackers are expensive, (several thousands of dollars) they can produce more power in a day than a fixed array as they "track" the sun's path. Solar trackers are often used in water pumping applications to maximize daily production (30-40% improvement over static solar panel mounting). They are generally custom built and take one to three months to manufacturer. One drawback to trackers is that they are subject to failure, as is any mechanical device, and could possibly get stuck in one position until fixed. Trackers are best suited for a handy individual. Each manufacturer provides a sizing sheet according to the number of modules you have and the configuration. These sizing sheets are often found in the Product Documentation tab of each product's specification page.

Solar Panel Mounting

When it comes to solar panel mounting options, you really have many from which to choose. Plenty of people opt for simple solar panel roof mounts, but if you live in a heavily wooded area or different kind of climate, rest assured you have other options. If you have solar power panels or solar arrays and you want to maximize their efficiency by gathering the most power possible, you'll want to consider a solar tracker. By using a sun solar tracker you'll help your solar panel get the most sun possible throughout the day as it automatically points your solar array to a perpendicular line with the sun. This type of active sun tracker uses a special sensor and is motorized so that you can walk away but your solar panel is adjusting all day long. If you are ready to mount your solar panel, make sure you investigate all of the options available. Set up the appropriate ground mounted solar panel system, roof system or pole mounted system and save money while you generate your own power. Enjoy the freedom of the road and powering your RV with solar panels rather than expensive fossil fuels.

Whichever solar panel mounting solution you need, call us at AltE and we can help.



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