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IronRidge has created a new and improved mid clamp/end clamp solution - the UFO! UFO stands for 'Universal Fastening Object', meaning it works with the majority of solar panel frames, 30 - 48 mm high. It arrives assembled, lubricated, and has integrated grounding. No longer is there a need for separate grounding hardware. This new clamp bonds the solar panels directly to the IronRidge XR Rails. The new re-designed T-bolt allows the clamp to stand on it's own inside the rail, allowing for one person operation. And it magically transforms from a grounded mid clamp to a grounded end clamp by simply adding a stopper sleeve. The grounding lug, splices, and attachments are now all bonded as well, making for a safer solar installation, with less parts and labor!

FEATURES Universal Mid Clamp (UFO) :

  • Pre-assembled, free standing and auto aligning allows for one person operation and saves tremendously on installation costs
  • New diagonal T-bolt is bigger and makes 30% more contact area within the rail track, improving the pull-out resistance
  • 360-degree bonding washer meets the new UL-2703* requirements - the standard for solar mounting systems
  • Universal sizing fits 30- 48 mm solar panel frame heights, eliminating the need for many different clamp sizes

FEATURES Universal End Clamp (CAMO) :

  • Allows the rail to remain invisible under the module
  • Unique one-piece design mechanically and electrically bonds module frames simply by rotating it into place
  • Universal - only one part for all size module frames - up to 40mm
  • No tools or torque specs required - simple and fast - fully assembled - clicks into place
  • Can use clear or mill rails with black framed modules, as you can't see the rail from the ground
  • Results in a clean, sleek, aesthetically-pleasing installation with flush ends
  • Passed bonding tests after being un-installed and re-installed 5 times
  • Small premium (~$30 per array) when compared to the UFO/Stopper combination
  • Meets UL-2703* requirements

Restrictions Universal End Clamp (CAMO) :

  • Extreme snow loads with modules less that less than 35mm (these modules may flex and give less clearance between the module and the rail to accommodate the CAMO)
  • Orphan modules - the UFO midclamps/stoppers would provide additional array/stability
  • SolarWorld modules when mounted in landscape due to their short return flange

*UL 2703 Benefits:

  • IronRidge systems are LISTED to UL 2703 - meaning it meets ALL the requirements of the standard - electrical/bonding, mechanical, and fire.
  • Since the end clamps are now bonding, for orphan module cases for example, there is no need to utilize 3 lugs (for both rails and the module). *Only 1 lug is needed.
  • An entire Ground Mount array can be grounded with a single lug (vs one on each column of panels), providing significant labor savings.
  • For Micro Inverter installs, all grounding lugs and copper are eliminated.
  • UFO Family of Components (click on buttons above for image and add to cart):

  • Bonded Universal Mid Clamp (UFO) - in clear or black - for module frame heights from 30mm to 48mm sizes
  • Bonded Universal End Clamp (CAMO) - for mill or black rails/module installations - for modules up to 40mm
  • Bonded End Clamp - a Stopper Sleeve that snaps onto the UFO - for module frame heights 32mm
  • Bonded Splice - eliminates the need for a Grounding Strap, saving significant material costs and labor. There are now 4 self-drilling screws in each splice to form a secure, bonded rail connection.
  • Grounding Lug - one lug per row. Low profile lug allows for single socket to be used both to mount and tighten the set screw. Dual orientation installation gives flexibility on how the equipment grounding conductor is run.
  • Bonded attachments - L-Foot attachments (bonding hardware sold separately).
  • UFO System Diagram :

    UFO System Diagram

    UFO Cross System Compatibility :

    UFO Cross System Chart

    IronRidge flush solar panel mount

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