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Photovoltaics by Lee Cornelius
Date Added: February 10, 2008
Good book for the beginner or expert. I had installed a small system on my home in the 80's, but this stuck to code requirements, and changes in the systems since that time. I also likeds the extensive use of graphics throughout the book, instead of pictures, because of the amount of detail available. One could, without prior training, install a working solar electrical system using this book.
Date Added: June 28, 2009
having no solar install knowledge at all, this book helped me design and build a system from scratch. Totally recommended for the beginner. I continually reference back to it when making upgrades and equipment checks.

James Johnson
Solar Design Manual by Brett Melwing
Date Added: December 10, 2009
Alot of the designs they have in this book are based on batter backed units and is not explained to well.

I wouldnt suggest purchasing this book for any other reason then to get an idea of solar but not think it will teach you to much. I noticed some errors in it and alot of outdate info.

Best learned with hands on and it shouldnt cost 4000 that is outrageous. If your gonna spend that then buy your own system and install a few times until you get it down. LOL
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