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John Dalhaus

Morningstar Tristar Digital Meter TS-M

Written November 01, 2007

The TriStar Digital Display was well worth the extra cost.

After replacing my charge controller with a TriStar-60, including the digital meter option, I was finally able to put my digital multimeter back in the toolbox where it belongs. Not only do I now have easy access to battery and panel voltage, I also have access to other important system information that I couldn’t get with my dmm. And since I don’t have a separate battery monitor, watching this information closely can help to better maintain batteries, and extend their life.

While I often scroll through the many diagnostic screens, I usually default back to what I would call the main screen which displays battery voltage, battery temperature, charging current, total amp-hours generated, and charging state.

I would have liked to see data logging functions built in to the display, but a simple computer interface and free software can accomplish that task. Overall, I’m very pleased with the meter option and feel that it was well worth the cost.

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