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Wayne Simpson

Morningstar SureSine Inverter-300W, 115V 60Hz UL

Written January 29, 2009

SureSine 300

I have two of these inverters and am extremely impressed with them. I have years of experience in electronics and working with inverters etc and can honestly say, this inverter is the best made in it's class of my I've come across. They have been operating non stop for over a year now and I would highly recommend them. They even have a built in isolation transformer that can have one output leg grounded to give a grounded neutral. Excellent design requires no cooling fan. Gotta love that! Quality, quality, quality.
My only complaint is the max input voltage of 15.5, as sometimes on cold winter days the solar controller, sensing low battery, will drive the charge voltage a bit above 15.5, shutting down the inverter until the battery voltage drops. Would have been great of the max voltage had been 16.
I only wish Morningstar made a 1500 watt version of this inverter.

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