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1000 to 1999 Watts

1000 to 1999 Watts

Below you will find inverters from top brands like Samlex, Magnum and Xantrex, all within the 1000 Watts to 2000 Watts range. You will find 12 Volt and 24 Volt inverters with both modified and pure sine waveforms. These inverters are perfect for converting DC to AC for loads with specific surge requirements between 1000 Watts and 2000 Watts. Many times inverters in this range work for solar tiny homes or off-grid systems with smaller load requirements.

Unsure of the correct size battery-to-inverter cable? Do you have questions on which fuses or breakers to use with your inverter? Check out our guide for inverter cables and breaker sizing.

Questions on inverters, charge controllers, deep cycles batteries or solar panels? Give an altE renewable energy expert a call today at 877-878-4060.

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Xantrex PROwatt pure sine wave off-grid inverter

Check out a pure sine wave off-grid inverter in action, as we outline the specs and features of the Xantrex PROwatt pure sine wave 12V inverter that’s perfect for a smaller mobile application. The Xantrex PROwatt works great in mobile applications like a boat or mobile home, and is available in versions for North America (120V/60Hz) and International (230/50Hz).

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