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Outback SkyBox 5048A Pre-Wired Inverter System

Outback SkyBox 5048A Pre-Wired Inverter System
Outback SkyBox 5048A Pre-Wired Inverter System
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OUTSKYBOX5048 Outback SkyBox5048A 48V 5000W Pure

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SkyBox Hybrid Inverter

Outback SkyBox Hybrid Inverter 5048ANEW! Outback Power SkyBox 5kW AC output inverter, is their most flexible system yet!  SkyBox allows you to enjoy the benefits of a grid-tied PV system with the independence of an off-grid system. This system is for anyone who needs backup power or protection from utility rate changes.  SkyBox can take up to 6,000 watts of DC input power from solar panels through two 3kW/600Vdc inputs. It will then generate up to 5,000 watts of standard 240V AC output power. Outback's OPTICS RE monitoring is always in view on the LED display, or anywhere with an internet connection. Compatible with the latest battery technologies like lithium, SkyBox is highly flexible - so you can use grid-tied solar today, then add batteries at a later time, and go off the grid completely.  SkyBox redefines simplicity, intelligence, flexibility and control.


  • Time-Of-Use Optimization - serve loads from PV 1st, then use least expensive power available (ie. from Grid or Battery)
  • Self Consumption - serve loads from PV 1st (PV production is automatically adjusted to match load).  Also ensures no power flow to the Grid if Export is prohibited.
  • Net Metering with Battery Backup - excess PV generation is sold back to the Grid when available
  • Basically, with the data you input, SkyBox determines the most appropriate/lowest cost energy source and chooses it for you!


  • NEW! Parallel Stacking with 2 SkyBoxes - for a system that will produce up to 40 amps at 240VAC, and 10kW of power!
  • Grid-Interactive and Stand alone capability in the same package - can be used with or without energy storage
  • High PV voltage input allows for long strings
  • Easy and fast to install - no external components - all in one box
  • Simple one-finger navigation on front of unit, or connect from your mobile device for remote monitoring via OpticsRE
  • Works with the widest variety of 48V battery chemistries - from lead acid to lithium (and 48V systems are easier for permitting)
  • Compliant with California rule 21 and Hawaii 14H grid support requirements
  • Backup power (even use the Grid as backup!) and support for time-of-use optimization
  • Generator support
  • Field-upgradeable software with remote support
  • NEMA 3R enclosure for indoor or outdoor installation with protection from the elements
  • Fully NEC compliant (N. America) with rapid shutdown
  • 5 Year Warranty (Extended 10 Year Warranty available)

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Outback SkyBox 5048A Hybrid Inverter review

On January I ordered an Outback SkyBox 5048A Hybrid Inverter. I thought this would be the perfect inverter for my solar project. When I first started the system up I was rewarded with a PV fault low voltage. I was supplying it with two parallel strings of 6 panels each producing 288 vdc feed thru...
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Nothing but a constant Headache

Consider taking your money and burning it rather than buying the headaches with the Skybox. I have one of the first and it has worked intermittently and the service after they cash your check is horrible. There should be a support group for folks that buy skybox as it is that frustrating. Have th...
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Working as designed for me

I installed in December of 2020 with two strings of 370 watt panels with 7 per string, produces 354 volts without load. Unit is working well, supplying load, selling back to grid and functioning as intended. I am using a Kilovault HAB 7500 watt hour battery. Instructions were lacking, but I fi...
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