LUXPower 12kW (18kPV) Hybrid Inverter

LUXPower 12kW (18kPV) Hybrid Inverter
LUXPower 12kW (18kPV) Hybrid Inverter

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Sol-ArkLUXPower LXP 12K Hybrid Inverter 
All-In-One Pre-Wired Inverter System

Do you want an all-in-one pre-wired system that includes inverter, charge controller, display with remote monitoring, auto generator start, as well as load center with breakers, rapid shutdown, and WiFi capabilities?  LUXPower has the system for you - all pre-wired and all in one box!

A NEW Solar + Storage Solution - have less dependence on the grid! LUX Pre-Wired Inverter Systems simultaneously manage power to/from Solar, Battery, Grid, Loads, and Generator.  The LUX inverter is simple to install and can be used in Grid-tied, Off-Grid, or Battery Backup solar applications.  It is expandable, and can grow as your power needs grow.  On grid PV to AC efficiency is 96.7% - among the top in the industry - means less solar is needed.

Introducing the LUXPower LXP Hybrid 12K Inverter – the hybrid inverter that not only enhances your home's power stability but also ensures peace of mind. Whether you're in need of on-grid, off-grid, or reliable backup power solutions, this solar battery inverter stands ready to meet your demands.

With the LUXPower LXP Hybrid 12K Inverter, you're empowered to maximize your solar power self-use, shield your appliances from grid shortages, and optimize costs through intelligent energy storage and usage. Its versatile working modes, such as self-consumption, force charge and discharge, and charge first modes, provide unparalleled flexibility and control over your energy consumption.

What elevates the LUXPower Hybrid 12K above its competitors? Let's explore the unique attributes that make this hybrid inverter a market standout.

First and foremost, the LUXPower Hybrid 12K is equipped with superior UPS capability, featuring a robust 250A discharging current. Unlike other solar battery inverters with lower discharging currents, this hybrid inverter ensures that during a grid outage, your critical appliances continue to operate without interruption, providing essential backup when you need it most.

Moreover, the LUXPower Hybrid 12K redefines parallel operation, allowing connection with up to 9 additional inverters for an impressive combined capacity of 120kW. This capability positions it as the go-to hybrid inverter for larger homes or businesses in need of substantial backup power, far surpassing inverters with limited paralleling abilities and maximizing your power potential.


Beyond its stellar performance, the LUXPower Hybrid 12K is designed with convenience in mind, featuring built-in circuit breakers for enhanced electrical safety. This eliminates the need for additional installation work and expenses, offering a ready-to-use solution straight out of the box, unlike other inverters that may necessitate separate circuit breaker installations.

System monitoring and control are a breeze with the LUXPower Hybrid 12K's user-friendly interface. Its intuitive color LCD touch screen interface puts all the necessary information at your fingertips, simplifying the management of your hybrid inverter.

But that's not all – the LUXPower Hybrid 12K excels as a hybrid inverter, offering standard 240V operation, split-phase operation, an integrated AC coupling function, and a dedicated generator interface. This device stands as a comprehensive solution, meticulously designed to address all your power requirements with efficiency.

Invest in the LUXPower LXP Hybrid 12K Inverter today and unlock the potential of seamless energy management. Boasting advanced features and reliable performance, this hybrid inverter ensures that your home is equipped with a consistent power supply, ready to meet your demands at any moment.



  • Grid-Tied Mode - Sell power back to the Utility to reduce your electric bill
  • Meter Zero Mode - Zero your electric bill without adding an additional smart meter
  • Time-Of-Use Mode - Use solar and batteries to minimize grid power usage when it's most expensive
  • Smart Load Mode - Use a programmable output for high-power off grid loads or grid Time-of-use loads - to run only when there is optimum solar - use excess PV power when batteries are full
  • Off Grid applications - battery agnostic
  • AC Coupling - retrofits to existing grid tie systems
  • Battery backup applications


  • Grid-Interactive or Off-Grid capability in the same package - can be used with or without energy storage - add batteries down the line  (The unit can be used in grid-tied applications without batteries, but if there is an outage, and there are no batteries, the inverter shuts down per NEC).
  • Easy and fast to install - no external components (ie. fuses, breakers, combiner box) - all integrated in one unit
  • Indoor/Outdoor installations
  • Lightweight 
  • Color touch screen
  • Works with the widest variety of 48V battery chemistries - from lead acid to lithium
  • Backup power (even use the Grid as backup!) and support for time-of-use optimization
  • Completely pre-wired system - Sol-Ark inverter and charge controller included
  • Wifi integrated for easy monitoring of system performance
  • Integrated DC Disconnect, Auto Gen Start, Critical Loads panel
  • Highly efficient - both on-grid and off-grid
  • Generator support
  • Field-upgradeable software with remote support
  • Fully NEC compliant (N. America) with rapid shutdown
  • All the Standards and Certifications: 
  • E5000, SA17-18, SA:2018, CSA STD. C22.2 No.107.1 and 330, UL STD.1741, 1741SB, UL1998:2018IEEE STD.1547 and 1547.1, IEEE STD. HECO SRD-IEEE-1547.1,
  • ETL, CETL, America CEC List, NEC. section690.12, FCC, CEC, UL9540, CSA STD. C22.2 No.107.1, UL STD.1741, 1741SB 
  • and UL9540 with select batteries. 


Solar PV Continuous Power 18000w
Inverter AC Continuous Power (On Grid) 12000w
Inverter DC Continuous Power
(Off Grid)
Off Grid Inverter AC Peak Surge Power 2Pn, 0.5S
Continuous AC Power w/Grid or Generator 12000
THDV <3%
Continuous Battery Charging Output 250 amps
Compatible battery type Lithium-ion/Lead-Acid
Max. MPPT efficiency 99.9%
Max. efficiency 97.5%
Battery charging/discharging efficiency 94.0%
CEC efficiency 96.9%
Grid Failure UPS Transfer Time 20ms
Wave form Sine wave
Parallel Stacking Yes
Max. PV short-circuit current input per MPPT(A) 31/19/19
MPPT voltage range(V) 120~500
Enclosure IP65
Weight and Dims (H x W X D) 520*870*285mm/20.5*34.2*11.2inch
Warranty 5/10 years


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