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Pre-Bundled Packages

Designed for convenience, value, and flexibility, Outback Power's SystemEdge packages take the guesswork out of selecting the right combination of solar + energy storage.  Whether you are looking for a fully off-grid system, or want to stay connected to the grid with battery backup, there is a SystemEdge package that meets your power needs.


  • 1 - FLEXpower integrated inverter/charger system (Listed to UL 1741 SA)
  • 2 - EnergyCell batteries and racking
  • 3 - OPTICS RE monitoring and control
  • 4 - FLEXware ICS Plus Combiner Box with Rapid Shutdown capability
  • All necessary connection hardware

  • Features:

  • Single SKU ordering convenience - 100% Outback built and branded
  • Factory tested, pre-wired and pre-configured
  • Single brand UL and NEC compliant system
  • Packaged system saves time and money
  • 5-Year System Warranty/ 2-Year or 4-Year Battery Warranty
  • Specifications:

    SE-530PLR-SBX SE-420PLR-300 SE-830PLR-300
    Series Name Cabin Suburban
    Application Backup Power
    Inverter 5kW SkyBox 4kW FLEXpower Radian 8kW FLEXpower Radian
    Batteries (12) EnergyCell 200PLR Batteries w/
    3-Shelf Integrated Battery Rack
    (8) EnergyCell 200PLR Batteries w/2-Shelf Integrated Battery Rack (12) EnergyCell 200PLR Batteries w/
    3-Shelf Integrated Battery Rack
    FLEXware ICSPlus Combiner Box w/RSD ICS Plus Combiner
    Optics RE Yes
    Estimated Loads Power 5kW 4kW 8kW
    Effective Storage Capacity 14.6kWh 9.7kWh 14.6kWh
    What does this power* Up to six hours of backup power to support a continuously running refrigerator, 10 lights, computer, and television
    Warranty 5 Year System / 2 Year Battery

    * Load profiles are based on typical appliance power requirements and are for illustrative purposes only. Check with your altE Sales Rep to determine the right SystemEdge pre-bundled package for your application.

    Outback Power Systems

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