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Lumin Smart Electrical Panel

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The future of total home energy control is here with Lumin Smart Panel, the premier platform for responsive load control and smart circuit technology. With the addition of the Lumin platform to your existing electrical panel, regular circuits are made smarter and more responsive, allowing homeowners to have greater control over their energy consumption - without the need for a critical loads box.

With the Lumin smart electrical panel's features, everyone from homeowners, solar+storage installers, utilities, and home builders can all reap the rewards of smarter and more efficient energy management. Lumin is the reliable, comprehensive platform you can trust to keep energy consumption efficient and the future of energy control secure.

Why choose the Lumin Smart Panel?

  • Enjoy the smart home benefits of a traditional smart home panel - including real-time energy consumption data and circuit-level control - for a fraction of the cost
  • Seamless connection with your existing solar PV, energy storage, and backup generator for a reliable and resilient power supply at all times - without the need for a critical loads panel
  • Once installed, the software handles all the hard work - requiring no maintenance on your part
  • Circuit-level monitoring and control that provides safe, secure, and reliable whole-home backup
  • 24/7 scheduling and automated prioritization of energy use in different circuits in order to optimize performance of home microgrids
  • Automatic energy management for maximum efficiency and enhanced energy savings
  • Scalable and expandable from 2-12 circuits of control to meet your evolving needs
  • Compatible with all makes/models/brands of electrical panels and breakers, and all major battery storage systems, solar panels, and backup generators
  • Includes two split-core 200A current transformers
  • 10-year warranty

How Does the Lumin Smart Panel Work?

The Lumin Smart Panel uses specialized sensor boards to measure current and voltage, and provides control through relays housed within the Lumin Smart Panel enclosure. It's aware of power events such as grid outages, power surges, electricity pricing changes, maximum battery output, battery state of charge, and solar production and provides an up-to-date overview of electricity consumption through the free Lumin Smart app for your phone or tablet.

How Do I Install the Lumin Smart Panel?

Note: It is recommended to have a professional electrician do the installation, but DIY installation can be achieved by a skilled and electrically-savvy homeowner. For DIY installation, it is highly recommended to take Lumin's Certified Installer training.

To install, simply mount your Lumin Smart Panel near your main panel (note that the Indoor version must be mounted indoors). Then wire the smart panel between your breakers and load wires, and install the two included current transformers around the supply lines.

Then simply download the Lumin Smart app and create an account to access full control of your home's power through your phone or tablet.

the three steps to connect your Lumin Smart Panel to your main panel

Automate Your Home's Energy

As electric utilities adapt to the movement toward distributed renewable energy, the prices they charge consumers can be unpredictable through rate increases and time-of-use billing. These challenges make managing home energy usage difficult for you as a homeowner as you attempt to balance between getting the best value for your energy dollars while also making sure you've got enough power available should an emergency arise. The Lumin Smart Panel platform provides an easy, cost-effectiv solution for full home power control with real-time insights into electricity usage, scheduling options, 24/7 monitoring for safety and efficiency, as well as backup functionality.

Lumin vs. Other Smart Energy Management Platforms

Lumin Smart Panel Home Energy Monitors Smart Devices Smart Breakers/Panels
Circuit & Appliance Yes Partial No Yes
Load Shedding Yes No Partial Yes
Demand Management Yes No Partial Partial
Elimination of Protected Loads Panel Yes No No Partial
Time-of-Use Compatible Yes No Yes Partial
Compatible with Any Panel Yes Yes Yes No

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