Delta LA602DC DC Lightning Arrestor, 1100V

Delta LA602DC DC Lightning Arrestor, 1100V
Delta LA602DC DC Lightning Arrestor, 1100V
Easy to install protection for your system.

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DELLA-602DC Delta Lightning Arrestors LA602DC

altE Delta Lightning Arrestor 602 High Voltage

DC Lightning Arrestor
3 Wire, 1100VDC
LA 602DC

Rapid response, high current Delta DC Lightning Arrestors protect your sensitive solar or wind energy systems from nearby lightning strikes. The Delta LA Series handles the big surges, like lightning up to 50,000 amps, passing them harmlessly to the ground. The once optional vent valve is now installed on every Delta DC lightning arrestor, which will keep the case from rupturing in the event of the arrestor taking a strike. A small vent on the bottom of the case will open.

While it is not possible to achieve 100% protection, Delta units will greatly reduce problems due to lightning, power surges and voltage spikes. The LA602DC model is ideal for high voltage and grid tie photovoltaic applications.


  • Employ a non-conductive base to prevent a blown arrestor from creating a shock hazard
  • Do not cover adjacent equipment with carbon dust on failing, preventing damage to other equipment
  • Always fail "clear" to permit continued use of the power system
  • Are based on a silicon material to provide quicker operation at lower conduction resistance
  • Will pass a large number of high-energy surges and half-cycle spikes prior to failing
  • Feature extra long leads to ease installation
  • Have locknut and bushing furnished
  • Are available in a variety of voltages or number of poles

LA 602DC Specifications

Rated Voltage Design Type Surge Current Max. Energy Leads Enclosure Rating Dimensions System Compatibility
1100 VDC Silicon Oxide Varistor™ 100,000 amps 3,000 Joules
per pole
36" #12 AWG NEMA 4 4.5" Height, 2.25" Diameter 600VDC and 1000VDC

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