Pytes V5 5.12kWh 100Ah 48V High Performance Lithium Solar Battery Pack

Pytes V5 5.12kWh 100Ah 48V High Performance Lithium Solar Battery Pack
Pytes V5 5.12kWh 100Ah 48V High Performance Lithium Solar Battery Pack

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Have you heard about the new LFP battery for solar battery storage systems? It's really cool and a game-changer for residential solar energy. This nifty technology lets you save money, become more energy independent, and reduce your impact on the environment by storing extra energy from your solar panels. Plus, these systems come with smart features that help you keep tabs on your energy usage and make it super easy to optimize. So, if you're all about efficiency and sustainability, think about adding a solar battery storage system to your home. Take charge of your power and help make the world a greener place, starting right now! 

High performance 100 amp max charge and discharge

Self heating auto start for cold environments 

Remote upgrades via optional wi-fi

Scalable to 573kWh

Safe: UL9540, UL9540A, UL1973 

CEC, SGIP, UN38.3, IEC62619, CE

10 year warranty / 20 year design life


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V5面板-菲尼克斯_画板 1

The Cell Contact System is a marvel of engineering! We've got ourselves a combination of top-notch signal acquisition components like FPC, PCB, FFC, and more. Not to mention, we've got those sturdy plastic structural parts and trusty copper and aluminum bars thrown into the mix. What's all the fuss about, you ask? Well, this system is all about bringing those high-voltage batteries together, like a symphony of electrons, enabling them to work in harmony. The battery management system and cell contact system are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, making sure the system stays on top of its game. 

(Cell Contact System - under the hood)

Precise SOC Display

IoT Interface for remote monitoring device

Phoenix terminals with higher ampacity

More refined appearance

Smaller size and lighter weight - CCS

Dry contact for function expansion

48V battery - 5.12kWh capacity 

CAN/RS485 communication port

Console port for debugging


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Specification: V5°
Rated Energy Capacity (Watt Hours) 5120 Wh
DC Voltage Nominal 51.2V
Nominal Amp-Hour Capacity 100 Ah
Voltage Range 47.5 - 57.6V
Max Continuous Discharge Current 100A
Max Continuous Charge Current 75A
Operating Temperature 14 - 122°F
Cycle Life 6000 (90% DoD)
Round-Trip Efficiency ≥95%
Communication Protocol RS232, RS485, CAN
(W X D X H)
17.32 x 20.87 x 5.51in
Weight 97 lbs


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