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Trojan Industrial Battery Watering Kit 48V

Trojan Industrial Battery Watering Kit 48V
Trojan Industrial Battery Watering Kit 48V
Item code Brand name Model number Volts
TRO220005 Trojan Batteries 220005 48V

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Trojan Battery Company Trojan Hydrolink

Trojan Battery Company
Battery Watering System, 48V
for Industrial Series Batteries

Proper maintenance and periodic watering are important factors in maximizing the performance and life of Trojan deep-cycle, flooded batteries. Battery maintenance can be a costly, time-consuming and messy job. With Trojan’s HydroLink™ advanced, single-point watering system, precise battery watering is made easy saving valuable time and money. Trojan’s HydroLink watering system is specifically designed to work with Trojan Industrial series and takes the guess work out of properly watering flooded batteries. With a simple installation of the HydroLink manifolds and the tubing, the system is ready for use.

The HydroLink™ vent assembly is unique and features an independent water level indicator, valve shut off and dual flame arrestors. Maintaining the proper electrolyte level can extend the performance and life of Trojan flooded batteries. However, determining the correct level can be a challenge. Trojan’s HydroLink vent features an independent water level indicator that accurately displays whether a battery needs watering. A white indicator signals that the battery needs water. A black indicator signals that the battery has enough water…it’s that simple.

The valve shut off accurately controls cell electrolyte levels. Using a balanced valve design the shut off valves automatically cut the water flow into the individual cells eliminating the potential of overflow or acid splash caused by overfilling. HydroLink’s valve shut off works in conjunction with the hose end assembly and flow indicator to provide precise battery watering.

The HydroLink system is equipped with dual flame arrestors, an important safety feature not standard on other watering systems. The internal flame arrestors prevent internal sparks from passing through the watering system to neighboring cells while the external flame arrestor prevents external sparks from entering the Trojan battery.

Includes Tubing, Fittings, Hand Pump and Manual


  • Reduces acid spills
  • Independent water level indicator
  • Internal and external flame arrestors
  • Cost-effective
  • Safest watering system in the industry - helps prevent any spark or flame from entering the battery
  • Non mechanical and easy-to-read. Takes the guess work out of when to add water to the battery - Saves maintenance time
  • 4 Year Warranty

If you want to learn more about the Trojan Hydrolink System, click here to check out the latest video from Trojan.

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