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Steve Harstrom

Dankoff 2920 Standard Speed Booster Pump, 12V

Written September 15, 2009

Quality pumps

We installed this pump back in 91 to provide pressurization to our home, which has a cistern for water storage. The pump has worked flawlessly all that time. We have a pressure tank so the pump only has to work now and then. They do require good filtration to remove particulates from the water to prevent premature wear of the impeller. We use a 5 micron inline filter [available everywhere, inexpensive replacement filter elements]. I just replaced the pump head after 18 years of use, and the motor is in excellent shape.

The higher the lift, the louder this pump will run. I installed it in a small cupboard and it isnt bad--the noise.

The pump is constructed of high quality materials and is built to last for decades. I recommend the install kit. All the items are available at any big box home improvement plumbing section, but, and this is coming from a frugal person, the cost of buying them individually is the same or more than opting for the kit. Plus, everything is there for installing except the pipe thread tape. And, again, the quality of the parts is excellent.

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