Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30, 30A, 12V Solar Charge Controller with LVD

Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30, 30A, 12V Solar Charge Controller with LVD
Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30, 30A, 12V Solar Charge Controller with LVD
With Load and Lighting Control!
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BLSSC30-LVD Blue Sky Energy SC30-LVD 30A

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Blue Sky Energy Sun Charger 30

Blue Sky Energy
Sun Charger 30 with LVD
30A, 12V PWM Charge Controller

Blue Sky Energy’s Sun Charger 30 solar charge controller charges 12 volt batteries at up to 30 amps. This is the first "non-MPPT" controller from Blue Sky and was specifically designed for the budget minded customer looking for a quality product. The Sun Charger 30 uses precise PWM charge voltage control combined with a sophisticated 3-stage charge algorithm to optimally charge flooded, GEL or AGM lead-acid chemistry batteries. To periodically condition flooded lead-acid batteries the Sun Charger 30 will also perform a manual or automatic Equalization charge.

The built in low power LED digital display combines excellent readability with very low power consumption, includes an automatic night time diming feature and may be turned off completely if desired. The high accuracy display shows battery voltage, solar charge current, and computes total solar charge amp-hours produced.

Blue Sky controllers are recoginized as reliable, quality products in the solar industry. Each controller is ruggedly made with conformal coated electronics, anodized face plates and stainless steel fasteners that resist corrosion.

The LVD version of this controller adds a connector for the load drive signal to the rear connector area. Set-up items are added to the set-up menu for LVD - including on/off thresholds and lighting control timers. ** Please NOTE: The SC30-LVD does not drive the load directly but provides a relay drive signal to drive an external mechanical or solid state relay (not included) which then switches power to the load.


  • 3-Stage charge control plus Equalization
  • Built in digital display
  • Supports up to 450 watts of PV input
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Specifications Sun Charger 30-LVD
    Output Current Rating 30 Amp Maximum
    Nominal Battery Voltage 12 VDC
    PV Input Voltage 30 VDC Max (Recommended maximum PV Voc @ STC 24V)
    Power Consumption 14 mA standby / 19 mA display On
    Charge Algorithm 3-stage Bulk/Absorption/Float
    plus Automatic/Manual Equalization
    Absorption Voltage/Float/EQ Voltage 14.4VDC / 13.2V / 15.2V - User Adjustable
    Temperature Compensation Optional temperature sensor adjusts charge voltage setpoints based on measured battery temperature. Sensor range -60 to +80°C
    Display Range Accuracy Battery voltmeters 30VDC +/- .50% FS. Output Ammeter 35A +/- .50% FS
    Lighting/Load Control LVD or LVD plus separate Post-Dusk and Pre-Dawn timers. 50mA drive signal for external power switch
    Environmental -40 to +45°C; 10- 90% RH non-condensing
    Panel Dimensions 4 5/8”H x 6 3/8”W x 1 ¼”D (11.75cm x 16.19cm x 3.175cm)
    Blue Sky Energy

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