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Solar Converters EQ 24/48-2A, DC to DC, Up/Down Converter

Solar Converters EQ 24/48-2A, DC to DC, Up/Down Converter
Solar Converters EQ 24/48-2A, DC to DC, Up/Down Converter
Item code Brand name Model number Amps Amp Hours
SOREQ-24/48-2 Solar Converters EQ 24/48-2 2A 2A-H
NOTE: This unit should not be used as a step up or step down transformer to power a load directly. Step up applications can use the CV, constant voltage regulator units and step down applications can use the PPT step down transformer. Using the EQ in either of these applications can cause damage to the EQ and will void warranty.
Solar Converters Inc.
Model: EQ 24/48-2
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Solar Converters Inc.
Battery Equalizer
Model: EQ 24/48-2


Proper use of the EQ unit is to equalize the battery bank when a load is connected to only part of the bank. For the application of a 12 volt load running from a 24 volt battery, the 12 volt load is connected across the 12 volt section of the battery bank. The EQ is connected across the entire battery as well as the 12 volt section of the battery. The EQ will keep both the upper and lower part of the battery bank equal.

  • 95 % efficiency, typically 96 % over 20 % load
  • Bi-directional power flow
  • Simple to use
  • Weatherproof, NEMA 4 enclosure

Voltage Regulation Mode


    This standard unit regulates the output voltage proportional to 1/2 the input when connected 48 V input and regulates the output to 2 X input when connected 24 V input. This characteristic, when connected across 2 X 24 V batteries in a 48 V configuration, will keep the batteries at equal voltages.


    Special units are available for example, EQ 24/48-2 RXX where XX is the voltage on the 24 V side that the voltage is to be regulated to. For example, EQ 24/48-2 R25.2 will output 25.2 V @ 2 amps to either power a 24 V load or charge a 24 V battery to 25.2 V.

Note: For units that require a fixed voltage at the higher voltage output, for example, to charge a 48 V battery from a 24 V battery, use one of the Constant Voltage Regulators

Electrical Specifications Input low side Input high side
Input Voltage (nominal battery) V 24V 48V
Output Voltage 48V 24V
Output Current 1A
Current Limited
Current Limited
Ripple at load 30mV rms 30mV rms
Efficiency >96% >96%

Mechanical Specifications


  • Small Plastic Enclosure


  • 4.5" X 2.5" X 2" nominal, resembling a junction box with feet

Temperature Range:

  • -40 deg C to 60 deg C
  • It is recommended, as with all electronics, that the unit not be placed in direct sunshine


  • 6" Flying Leads
  • Red= High Input +
  • Black= Common Neg. - for input and output voltage
  • White= Low Input +

Wire Size:

  • Red, Black, White: Power leads #16 AWG


  • 0 - 90 % non-condensing

Note: In the interest of continuous product improvement, specifications subject to change without notice.

Order Model No:
EQ 24/48-2
EQ 24/48-2 RXX where XX is the specified regulated voltage on the 24 V side

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All Solar Converter Products are behind in production. These items are usually shipped directly from the manufacturer in Canada. They cannot be shipped by any expedited methods such as UPS Blue or Red. They will generally be shipped via Canadian Express Mail which avoids import brokerage fees of $50-$60. Lead time on these products may be up to 4-6 weeks depending on their production. This is true of all Solar Converters products with the exception of the battery desulphator (item code SORBD-2) that we stock in our warehouse. If you want Solar Converters products to be shipped by normal Canadian Post, but would prefer to have the rest of your order to be shipped by a faster method, please write this information in your order's notes during checkout.

Solar Converters Inc


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