IOTA IQ4 Smart Controller for DLS Series

IOTA IQ4 Smart Controller for DLS Series
IOTA IQ4 Smart Controller for DLS Series
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IOTIQ4 IOTA Engineering IQ-4

IQ4 Smart Controller


Already own an Iota DLS Charge Controller? Use this IQ4 Smart Controller to turn it into a "smart charger"!

The IQ4 Smart Controller offers automatic charging control for the DLS power converters/chargers to provide longer and safer use of your system's battery. The IQ Controller is compatible with any DLS model, and is covered under our standard Two-Year Warranty.

The IQ4 Controller allows the DLS charger to operate as an automatic 3-stage "smart charger". This gives the customer the benefit of Bulk, Absorption, and Float stage charging, increasing the charging capacity of the DLS charger and decreasing charge times, insuring proper and safe battery charging and minimizing over-charging. This "smart" technology monitors the battery at all times. If the DLS voltage remains in the long term float stage for more than 7 days, the IQ will automatically deliver a boost charge for a predetermined time, then automatically return to the normal float stage.

DLS power converters can be ordered with the IQ4 Controller option internally integrated into the unit.

Charging StagesBulk Charge
The batteries are charged from the full rated output of the DLS charger. During this stage, the batteries are recharged quickly to reduce charge times.

Absorption Charge
The batteries are then held in the absorption stage for a controlled period, insuring a full and complete charge. During this stage, the battery cells are equalized to 14.2vdc (for 12V systems) for increased capacity.

Float Charge
During the float stage, the DLS charge voltage is reduced. This minimizes gassing, while maintaining a full charge. If the battery voltage drops below 12.6vdc (for 12V systems), the IQ Controller will restart at the bulk charge stage and repeat this cycle.

Weekly Equalization
If the batteries have not received a "smart charge" during a 7 day period, the IQ Controller will switch the DLS charger into a pre-programmed, equalization stage to top off the batteries. This ensures full batteries all of the time without over-charging.

IQ4 Start Voltage 12.6vdc
Absorption Voltage Start 13.8vdc
Absorption Voltage Start 14.2vdc
Float Voltage (No Load) 13.6vdc
Float Voltage (Full Load) 13.4vdc
Weekly Equalization Voltage 14.2vdc
Dimensions 3.06"x1.88"x1.44"
Mounting Center 2.75"

IQ Controllers feature an installation jack plug. Simply plug the IQ Smart Controller into the Dual Voltage Jack on the top of the DLS unit. The smart-charge circuitry is then automatically engaged.


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Excellent product


I purchased this product to charge two 12V deep cycle batteries for a back up power system on my solar hot water collector. The unit has worked flawlessly since startup. I also purchased the IQ4 smart controller which has also worked flawlessly. The products all arrived in a timely fashion and wi...
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