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Battery Interconnect Cables

Battery Interconnect Cables

altE Battery Interconnect Tip:

All of our Battery interconnect cables are fitted with 3/8" (10mm) terminal lugs. Make sure to check your battery posts to ensure they can accept this type of connection. To select the proper length of cable, put the battery bank in place and measure the distance between the battery terminals you need to connect.

Choose a length that is slightly longer than the measured value. Avoid selecting an interconnect cable that is too long, since this may cause you to bend the cable significantly in order to get in in place. Tight bends can cause wear or cracks in the insulation or damage the conductors and should be avoided. If necessary to bend the cable, use only slight bends.

To help you determine if you need 2/0 or 4/0 cables we recommend checking out the altE Store YouTube channel.. Looking for cables to go from your batteries to your inverter? Check out our Battery to Inverter Cables.

Product Name Gauge Length Price 
  Battery Interconnect Cables, 1/0 AWG 20Ft (240     Battery Interconnect Cables, 1/0 AWG 20Ft (240"), Red/Black Pair   AltE 1/0 20FT BC-PAIR ALTBC-1/0-240RB Battery Interconnect Cables, 1/0 AWG 20Ft (240"), Red/Black Pair  1/0 AWG  240 in $325.00
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