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Outback Mx60 60A,12-48V Mppt Charge Controller

Outback Mx60 60A,12-48V Mppt Charge Controller
Outback Mx60 60A,12-48V Mppt Charge Controller
Item code Model number Amps
OUTMX60 MX60 60A
Outback Power MX60 MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Outback MX60
60 Amp MPPT
Charge Controller

Outback Power Systems

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OutBack MX60 Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllerThe OutBack MX60 Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller enables your PV system to achieve its highest possible performance. Rated for up to 60 amps of DC output current, the OutBack MX60 can be used with battery systems from 12 to 60 vdc with PV open circuit voltage as high as 125 vdc. The MX60's setpoints are fully adjustable to allow use with virtually any battery type, chemistry and charging profile.

The OutBack MX60 allows you to use a higher output voltage PV array with a lower voltage battery - such as charging a 24 vdc battery with a 48 vdc PV array. This reduces wire size and power loss from the PV array to the battery/inverter location and can maximize the performance of your PV system. The OutBack MX60 comes standard with an easy to use and understand display of the PV system’s performance. The four line, 80 character, backlit LCD display is also used for programming and monitoring of the system’s operation.

The OutBack MX60 can also be connected to the OutBack MATE system controller and display to allow monitoring of up to eight MX60 controllers from a distant location - up to 300 feet away. The MATE also includes an optoisolated RS232 port for connection to a PC computer for data logging and system monitoring. The performance of the MX60 can adjust to changing temperatures with the use of a remote temperature sensor or RTS. For the MX60 to function properly, the RTS is essential.

Note: For optimal Maximum Power Point Tracking performance, it is recommended that MPPT charge controllers be used in conjunction with uniform solar arrays consisting of multiple, identical solar panels. MPPT charge controllers will still work with mixed arrays, but at reduced efficiencies, which defeats the whole point of MPPT technology. These devices were designed to calculate the most efficient charging characteristics given the assumption of a uniform array. Mixed arrays, by definition throw this calculation off.

Further, as it is designed for solar power, it can not be used with wind turbines. It is possible to use it with hydroelectric, although this is at the owner's own risk (ie. Neither the Alternative Energy Store nor Outback Power will be held responsible for any negative consequences associated with connecting it to hydropower). It needs to be programmed for the correct voltage so that the MPPT does not attempt to track the maximum power.

Output Current Rating 60 amps DC Maximum at 12, 24 or 48 VDC
Nominal Battery Voltage 12, 24, 32, 36, 48, 54 or 60 VDC (programmable)
PV Open Circuit Voltage 125 VDC Maximum
Standby Power Consumption Less than 1 watt typical
Charging Regulation Methods Five Stage: Bulk, Absorption, Float, Silent, Equalization
Voltage Regulation Setpoints 13 - 80 VDC
Equalization Voltage Adjustable 1.0 to 5.0 VDC above Bulk Setpoint
Temperature Compensation Programmable slope -2.0mV/oC/Cell to -5.0mV/oC/Cell
Voltage Step-Down Capability Can charge a 12 or 24 VDC battery from a 48V nominal PV array
Power Conversion Efficiency 99.1% @ 40 amps Output 97.3% @ 60 amps Output
Digital Display 4 line 80 character backlit LCD Display
Remote Interface RJ 45 Modular Connector CAT 5 Cable 8 wire
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 60°C Power derated above 25°C
Environmental Rating Indoor Type 1
Conduit Knockouts Two 3/4 - 1” on the back; One 1” - 1 1/2 “ on each side; Two 1” - 1 1/2” on the bottom
Warranty Two years parts and labor Optional Extended Warranty
Dimensions Enclosure: 14.5 “ H x 5.75” W x 5.75” D Shipping box: 17.75” H x 10” W x 7” D
Shipping Weight 12 lbs. - 5.4 kg


You can purchase a three-year extended warranty directly from Outback Power Systems! On page 47 of the MX60 User Manual located in the Product Documentation section above there is a form that the purchaser can fill-out to request the extension. The charge is $100 for an additional 3 years.


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Controlador de Carga MX60 Manual de Usuario e Instalacion


Outback Power Systems

A stream supreme!


Excellent design! Works well. Almost foolproof.
Quite good manual. Number one in its class!
Extensively customizable! Programmable Auxiliary
control output.
Pros: Some displays even with humour! ;-)
Cons: Only 1 single AUX output with 200 mA!

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This product is superb. Previously, I had a miserable offering from Solaner (Spanish) which was rubbish. I have connected 3 x 24v nominal panels in series giving a nominal output of 75v but in fact the output is between 90v and 130v (beware, the Mx60
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Awesome product! Light years ahead of what i used to use. Very impressed with this unit. Beyond my expectations. Would I buy another? You bet I would!

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