Solar Incentives and Rebates in Kansas

Peak Sun Hours (PSH): 4-5.5
Cost of Grid Power: $0.12/kWh
Number Of Installations: 1,104

What’s the Cost of Solar in Kansas?

Cost of Grid Power

Kansas' electricity prices average $0.12/kWh, below the national average of $0.14/kWh and down from last year.

Cost of a Solar Install

The average cost of a 5.5kW (equivalent to saving 120 trees a year) solar power system starts around $12,000 in Kansas. That system would pay for itself through energy savings within 6-7.3 years. System life can span well over 25 years, and savings will improve with inflation. One courld reasonably expect a net profit of over $20,000 for such a system over its life.

Kansas Solar Laws

After several attempts, the Kansas House of Representatives repealed the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) which had for 20% renewable electricity by 2020, and replaced it with a "voluntary goal” for that same 20% of peak demand. The voluntary goal was exceeded, thanks mainly to industrial wind farms across the state. Currently Kansas ranks 47th in the US for installed solar.

In 2019 the Kansas Corporation Commission adopted K.A.R. 82-17-1 through 82-17-5 to implement net-metering standards which include monthly fees added to the energy bills of homeowners with grid-tied solar power systems. In a rare upset the monthly fees were overturned by the state supreme court the following year. Kansas net metering laws require private utility companies to give homeowners full credit for grid-exported energy, but those credits generally expire after 12 months if unused. Rooftop solar installations are exempt from property tax, but sales tax still applies.

Because Kansas has no state-level interconnection policy, requirements vary by utility.

What Incentives are Available in Kansas?

Data from DSIRE. For more info visit:

Name Implementing Sector Program Type Administrator DSIRE ID
Solar Easements State Solar/Wind Access Policy 8
Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption State Property Tax Incentive Kansas Corporation Commission 75
Kansas Electric Utilities Research Program (KEURP) State Other Policy 466
Parallel Generation Law State Net Metering 586
Interconnection Standards State Interconnection 786
Interconnection Guidelines State Interconnection 3421
City of Wichita - Solar Contractor Licensing Local Solar/Wind Contractor Licensing 5580
Energy Efficiency Standards for Public Facilities State Energy Standards for Public Buildings 5585
Wichita City - Solar Permitting Local Solar/Wind Permitting Standards 5940
Lane-Scott Electric Cooperative - Energy Audit Utility Energy Analysis Lane-Scott Electric Cooperative 15233
Midwest Energy - Commercial Energy Audits Utility Energy Analysis Midwest Energy 15237
Kansas City Power & Light - Business Energy Analyzer Utility Energy Analysis Kansas City Power & Light 15488
Midwest Energy - Building or Process Infrared Scanning Service Utility Energy Analysis Midwest Energy 16700
Kansas Gas Service - Natural Gas Technology Other Training and Information Kansas Gas Service 17147
Kansas Gas Service - Planning and Analysis Other Training and Information 17148
Westar Energy - Large Commercial and Industrial Services Other Energy Analysis Westar Energy 17151
Westar Energy - Building Operator Certification Training Other Training and Information Westar Energy 19865
Midwest Energy - Midwest EnergyLine Utility Energy Analysis Midwest Energy 20666
Seventhwave (formerly Energy Center of Wisconsin) - Energy Consulting Non-Profit Energy Analysis Seventhwave (formerly Energy Center of Wisconsin) 21731
Seventhwave (formerly Energy Center of Wisconsin) - Back of the Envelope Calculator Non-Profit Energy Analysis Seventhwave (formerly Energy Center of Wisconsin) 21732
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance - Midwest Industrial Initiative Non-Profit Energy Analysis Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance 21755
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance - Building Operator Certification Non-Profit Training and Information Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) 21761
Kansas Gas Service - Energy Calculators State Energy Analysis 22031


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