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used invertors

I would like to purchase a used invertor of 600 watts with built in charger for my RV.  Prefer Trace
Dennis 0

servel refrigerator parts

Help, we have an OLD servel propane refrigerator in Baja and are in need of a place to purchase parts for it.  If anyone kn...
dickey shinen 6

Solar powered quadracycle

I was dissabled in a very bad Motorcycle accident about 5 years ago and I think I will not recover any more so I cannot work for...
djw46 Waller 0

Xantrex SW4548 230-50 needed

hello everyone! I'm searching for Xantrex SW4548/230-50 Hybrid inverter/charger together with its additional compo...
Domantas Klicius 0

EVA for Solar Cell encapsulation

Looking for a USA distributor that sells EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) film in small quantities for the use in the production of ...
Don Gunther 1

3624 parts needee

I need circuit boards for my Trace DR 3624 inverter any help in finding where I can get them would be appreciated Thanks ...
Donald Bodda 1

Wind Generator/Turbine

I am in the market for a new/used wind generator that can produce at least 2000W and be grid tied. Older like Jacobs would be fi...
Donald Goins 2

Cub Scout Solar Power Project

I am looking for learning tools, information and supplies for a cub scout project to make small solar power toy cars.
Doris Benbrook 1

Help!!! somebody am going crazy...

Help am looking for solar panel for a friend, that's something to run a desktop Pc. Can anybody give me a kind suggestion o...
Doris Ekpere 2

off-grid living

Will be moving to S E Arizona shortly and have been trying to figure out internet and telephone service without wires. Can we ge...
Ed Arnold 2

awreness on the matter.

Sir I'm a Nigerian and due to epilectic power supply I am intrested in the cost of setting up solar energy as an alternative sou...
emmanuel nyabam 0

solar panel

I already have an inverter (2500watts/24 volts) in my residence to supply frequent electricity outages.What do I need to have a ...
enex 2

reynolds aluminum solar

I need the plastic for my collectors and the foil lining inside. And other tips on this system
Eric Vonschmidt 0

Flexible Solar panel to aid in hybrid Prius charging

Anyone doing this to furthur boost MPGs?
Erik Yuri 0

Wanted FREE Propane Refrigerator

Rescue Children Orphanage is currently housing 17 children and are living out of 2 igloo coolers.  I am looking for someone...
Eugenia Dellapenna-Hyatt 0


I need help. I am doing this Investigatory project in school about solar panels and I don't know how it works. I am supposed to ...
eva mae 3

Plastic panels

Am searching for 4x8 or 2x8 plastic panels that have the 1/2" channels down thru two sheets of plastic. For a better descri...
Frank Bingham 3

Wanted: deep cycle batteries

Wanted: low cost deep cycle batteries, 6V or 12V, lead acid, Edison cells, or liquid nicad. Should be within reasonable driving ...
G. Brown 0

Want to learn how solarpower is made

Want tolearn how to make solarpanels. I have very little money but I am willing to work very hard To make a diffrence in the sol...
Gabe 2

I am looking for a used wind power system with or without batteries.

I am looking for a used wind power system with or without batteries.  I have a weekend cottage that I would like to take of...
Gary Derkacz 1

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