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I need to know

I need to know how to pick the right wind maccine for my school? And to how to choose an are to place the maccine
geneveve 0

Savonious Rotor Construction

Looking for a detailed book on Savonious Rotor Construction.  Where to find the following book:  "Savonious rotor, con...
Glenn 0

Interested in solar !!!!!

Yes, I was wanting some infomation on replacing  my regular energy power for solar to run my well pump.. this way i would n...
Gloria 1

Centennial Solar is a manufacture of PV modules in North America

Centennial solar is a manufacture of PV modules in North America !, we offer industry-leading performance and proprietary design...
Gord Terlier 0

Solar water system

I am looking for a used solar water system.  If you have one please call 860-668-6625.Greg
GregC 1

Solar water system

I am looking for a Solar Hot water system as well as someone to help install it.  I am located in CT.  Please call 860...
GregC 0

Wind turbine for Ski Resort

Hi, my name is Hubert Nolet Côté, and I'm a student in training for Boralex in Quebec, in electrical engineering ...
Hubert Nolet Côté 1

Wanted DR3624

I need a DR3624 inverter new or used. Please call 406-892-2505 or email at earthenergy @ centurytel.net.
Jack Janetski 0

Cadmium Teluride Solar Panels

Cadmium Teluride Solar Panels - Does anyone know where I can get CdTe Solar Panels?  I found a company that has them, b...
Jack Spamless 0

solar power for an electric fence

I have an electric fence (about 1/2 acre) and would like to power it with solar energy.  Does anyone know what solar parts ...
Jackie Nelson 3

Science Project

I am currently working on my 8th grade science project. I have created a renewable energy source using magnets and a PVC wheel. ...
James 1

house for rent

a couple of us here at Alt-E world headquarters in hudson, MA were kicking around the idea of trading in our apartments for a ho...
James Cormican 2

Need an installer

Looking for an installer/contractor to install windturbine in Lehigh Valley PA. (Easton, Bethlehehem and Allentown)
James Harlan 2

Used AGM batteries

I am looking for a used 300-400 AH 24v AGM battery set.  Hopefully, in the Maine, Massachusetts areas.  I am putting t...
James J 2

Want to buy


double female end adapter to connect charger to inverter

I have a solar car battery charger that conects through my car's lighter recepticle.  (Specs: Max power 3.2 watts, Max watt...
Jeanne Warner 1

WANTED -- Northern California owners of Sun-Mar composters

I'd like to chat with an experienced owner before buying.  Please call Jeb at 650-327-7091 or email jeb @ mac.com (Palo ...
Jeb EDDY 1


Hello: I own an HS TARM model 502 multifuel boiler.  When I originally purchased the boiler 15 years ago, the coma...
Jeb Hart 8

TARM 502 parts

Hello: I have several used parts for a TARM 502 for sale.  They include the loading door, grates, coal baffles, do...
Jeb Hart 1

Tankless water heater

Looking for an UL and CSA approved instant water heater. Only using it for a low flow shower - 2gpm Any ventless availab...
Jerry Pierson 1

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