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New Technology?

I am involved in a small company, based in Europe, which has new technology that enables the use of geothermal energy almost any...
Blaine Landreman 4

Crystalite Glazing Film

HELP!  Have been using "waterwalls" w/ Crystalite glazing film for 17 years.  Now much of the honey comb like solar re...
Bob Apat 0

Children's Science Exhibit

Hello,I work in Olympia Washington as a scoutmaster for troop 418.We are putting on some science workshops at the children´┐Żs sci...
Brad Whaley 0

composting toliet

Aloha, I'm looking to buy an Envirolet Basic Plus or Sunmar NE, new or used in excellent shape.
Brandon Lima 12

fridge kit

I was told that someone carries a high-efficient refridgerator kit that I can assemble myself...Who has it???/anyone know?Brian&...
Brian 2

Wind turbine wanted in Iowa

Looking for a new or or used wind turbine 10kw or smaller. Also looking for somebody to install it. Thanks
brian thompson 0

wanted used windseeker or whisper wind generator iowa

i am looking for a used windseeker or whisper wind generator for a school/city project. please email or call. thanks located in ...
Brian Thompson 2

used solar panels

i am looking for a few solar panels close to iowa in working condition or solar air heater panels. thanks
Brian Thompson 0

Used composting toilet

Hi all, I am looking for a used composting toilet in good condition. I live in the DC area but wouldbe willing for pay ...
Bridgette D 7

Wanted-working windmill

We are interested in purchasing a working windmill that is about 49 ft. high. If you have one or know of one , please contact us...
Bruce Junker 2

Vendors for Victorian Home Solar Energy Prototype?

Vendors who would like to advertise free their products or services at the site of our Prototype should contact us for a "Vendor...
C. J. Strowder 0

metamorphic solar panels

 Where can I get information on solar panels that are supposedly metamorphically created, so to speak?(could be an extrusio...
cal marlow 0

solar panel pond filter kit

Does there exist a solar panel powered pond filter?  I've seen the fountains, but what about a pond filter?  I'd like ...
California Mansions 0

Wanted- Used Hydro Generator

I wish to acquire a used Hydro-generator to operate with at least 30ft head and 1000gals/min; to charge batteries for demonstrat...
Carl Duncan 2

Investor for Renewable Energy Products

Most of the electricity generated on this island in the Caribbean is from hydrobon Fuels and is extremely costly to consumers at...
Carl Duncan 10

bottled propane gas ovens & ranges for home use

I don't know if such exists, but I live where there is no 220V outlets for electric stove/range and no gas lines.  What I w...
Carla Rosenberger 8

Solar Power for Public Health - used 65-80W solar panel

Hello, I am a Canadian PhD student doing public health work in rural Panama.  Specifically I am looking at the interac...
Carli Halpenny 3

PEX tube

Hi,I'm having a hard time locating a source for 3/8 PEX tubing for a radient heating project for my home. We are in Upper Lake C...
Cecil 2

wanted 50 KW wind turbines used,in good condition

wanted 50 KW wind turbines,used ,operational,in good condition,50 Hz, to power AC water pumps .
Chamel Macaron 0

Wind Generators

Hi i live in canada and my dad is looking for a wind generator for cottage use,and we are having troubles looking for a canadian...
Charity 0

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