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Electric grid tie.

Hi i need an electric grid tie inverter charge controler. I need  to have a cut off for the power company.Used would be Ok ...

Siemens Junction Box Covers - Wanted

I am looking for junction box cover plates for older style Siemens solar panels from the nineties. The model I have is a M75 but...

A Job!!

Looking to connect with solar installers, technicians, and creators for work, commentary, and advice. Also willing to provide av...
Aaron Mandelkorn 1

Air 403 Turbine 12v and over 1500w inverter. even better if the inverter outs 230V

Air 403 Turbine 12v and over 1500w inverter. even better if  the inverter outs 230Vwanted.
adrian 0

Tesla motors

Any info on Tesla motors and where this technology is today is appreciated. Are they available? Where can one find information o...
Alain 3

Solar powered pump for open loop system.

Hi All, does anyone know where I can purchase a small dc motor that will pump water from my tank to a flat plate collector? I ne...
Alan 3

looking to buy USED 50KW wind turbines

I am interested in buying 5-6 used units of 50KW of wind turbines. It should be in a good operating condition.Reply ASAP. Genuin...
Ammar Jangbarwala 0

Need Solar Water Heater asap!!

Hi, my company is looking to buy solar water heaters which will see a water flow rate of 40 gpm, with the inlet temp of 85C and ...
Ammar Jangbarwala 0

We need 175 W solar modules (have europian sertificate) more 100 modules

mail for connect: lukin.a @ semeral.ru
Andrey Lukin 0

Water fountain

I'm looking to put a water fountain in the middle of a remote pond... I've seen AC pond kits, but I'm looking for some kind of w...
Andy 2

solar power to charge my battery for my cabin

i have a shed in the woods(PA.)that we stay in on the weekends and i week or two out of the yr.see link of the camping shed.. ht...
anthony gre 0

Any Xantrex DR Series US Inverters, C35/C40/C60 Charge Controllers

If anyone has new or slightly used Xantrex DR inverter/chargers, I am looking for them.  We bould transportable solar gener...
Anthony Williams 6

photovoltaic panels/CIGS technology

does anyone know if there are commercially available photovoltaic tiles, NOT made from silicon, but "CIGS". OR, in alternative, ...
avalon bruce 0

installing solar or wind power

Where would I find someone knowledgeable to install solar or wind products.  I live in Ohio with a zip code of 44683
B. Bosley 1

water pumps

Hi,I am looking for a suppliers of the Gloria-water pump in South Africa.Thank you kindly,Basie Botha
Basie Botha 2

Looking for Used Composting Toilet

I am currently looking for used composting toilets.  I am looking to purchase right away. Please contact me with any offers...
Beau Hamer 0

Wind data

I'm looking for a weather data, mostly wind, that I can use to collect data using my PC.  I see a lot of self contained uni...
Bert Nye 1

wind mill

i would like to know witch   wind mill is the best for generating electric for a home or mobile home use and what does it c...
bill 1

wanted used composting toilet

we are looking for a non ele. composting toilet used in good working condition our email is read only at the library so if you d...
Bill Hughes 9

Older Jacobs Flyball Govenor wanted

I am looking for a flyball govenor or parts for one to fit an older Jacobs generator, model 60. Also looking for other parts for...
Bill Zweibohmer 4

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