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I am looking for information on how to build an inverter.The load is 1800watts at 120V for 15 min.I am using two deep cycle mari...
Ray Beaudry 1

Investor for Renewable Energy Products

Most of the electricity generated on this island in the Caribbean is from hydrobon Fuels and is extremely costly to consumers at...
Carl Duncan 10

iso trace sw4024, t240, blades or cheap whole bergey xl1

Give me a shout if you have any of this older stuff that you want to get rid of. Thanx
Rick Niles 0

Jacobs 17.5 kw blades

I'm looking for a set of three new or used Jacobs blades. Pls contact me at email or phone: rstickle @ midwest3pl.com ...
Rick Stickle 0

jacobs wanted

i am after a jacobs wind turbine,i will pay good dollars and pay international freight if needed.
paul melis 5

just in time for the holidays: I want a composting toilet!

Last Christmas my husband gave me car parts. I tore open the box and found... a steering wheel. To honor my hubby'...
Copeland Casati 0


Steve Motinga 2

large plastic cover for solar heat collector

my collector is built into my roof. it is 50  by 4 ft. it is made of plastic with fiberglass reinforce. it is 25 years old ...
Louis Cotton 0

Light Thru

I’m interested in a PV array for the home.  My research has led me to a couple more architecturally pleasing panels such ...
Will Christensen 0

Looking for a used C-40 or other divertion load controller

I am looking for some inexpensive used C-40 to divert some load to the room heaterThanxTad
Tad Menert 0

Looking for a large 2nd hand Yurt for WV

We are looking for a large, 26' or 30' Yurt. If anyone has outgrown their's please let me know.prosend @ yahoo.com
pat rosend 1

Looking for a Siemens M55 PV panel

I have one now, and looking for a second one to pair it with. Anyone have one they could sell me?
Lyle Bergman 0

Looking for a solar panel producer

hello!   i am looking for a small scale producer of solar panel who is interested in setting up a base for production of su...
Tushar 0

Looking for donation of a DC submersible pump for a school in rural India

Hi I am a part of a group of individuals who dream to set-up a school campus that thinks, makes you question, wonder, and sp...
Ratnesh Mathur 0

looking for home kit links

A man I know who owns the land adjacent to mine has just retired and is going to build a simple home to live in for the rest of ...
Mary Mc Donald 0

Looking for Photowatt PW1000 panels in NJ

Hello,  I need 4 of these panels to complete my string. Must be 24V configurable, prefer the 105W variety. I'm loc...
John Anderson 4

Looking for small round PV cells for hobby project

Hello,I am looking for a manufacturer that produces a small 2-3 inch in diameter PV cell I can connect to a small DC motor. I ne...
Valerie 1

Looking for Solar Panel

Looking for soalr panel which generate electricity with output such as 12 volt and 50 Amp
shaab 8

Looking for solar-powered pool heater...

I'm looking into finding a solar-powered pool heater.  Wondering if you carry them or can direct me to an on-line site that...
John Nathan 7

Looking for sumersible solar water pump

I want to buy a sumersible solar water pump who can deliver 50 gpm at 300 foot deep.I will appreciate any offer or sugestion....
Pericles Velgis 1

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