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Wanted Schools Anywhere in the USA to Install Wind Turbines...

we have windturbines going up in nevada at a school!! e-mail us ...would like to dosomething in california or any other states.....
Reggie Andrews 0

wanted small fridge

I'd like to run a small fridge or freezer off of solar power. About 2 foot square.  Anyone know of one cheaper th...
Joy Jolley 0

Wanted SunnyBoy SB700u in NJ

Does anybody have or know of a used SB700u 700 watt 120Vacinverter they want to sell. Please contact me at JKAsolar @ comcast.net....
John Anderson 0

wanted used composting toilet

we are looking for a non ele. composting toilet used in good working condition our email is read only at the library so if you d...
Bill Hughes 9

wanted used windseeker or whisper wind generator iowa

i am looking for a used windseeker or whisper wind generator for a school/city project. please email or call. thanks located in ...
Brian Thompson 2

Wanted, used deep cycle batteries in CT

I am interested in batteries for my off grid system.  I have a 400w system and used 12 alpha cell batteries (100 ah each, 1...
Conrad W 5

Wanted- Used Hydro Generator

I wish to acquire a used Hydro-generator to operate with at least 30ft head and 1000gals/min; to charge batteries for demonstrat...
Carl Duncan 2

Wanted-working windmill

We are interested in purchasing a working windmill that is about 49 ft. high. If you have one or know of one , please contact us...
Bruce Junker 2


Where can I salvage sliding glass doors for reuse in a green house?
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

Wanted: Jacobs wind generator....

... and tower preferably in Wisconsin but we will travel to the surrounding states for the right deal.  It can be standing ...
Dawn Buxton 1

wanted: decent sized solar panel (up to 100w) with shattered but present glass

I have an idea for a method to repair a solar panel with a shattered glass surface if the glass is not missing.  I don't w...
Travis M 3

Wanted: deep cycle batteries

Wanted: low cost deep cycle batteries, 6V or 12V, lead acid, Edison cells, or liquid nicad. Should be within reasonable driving ...
G. Brown 0

Wanted: Information on steam turbine power generators

We have a small farm in Central BC, Canada and would like to generate our own power. As we have an unlimited supply of wood to b...
Chuck Butcher 5

wanted: one SP-75 solar panel

I am looking for a single Siemans/Shell SP75 solar panel.  Used is fine.
Craig Miller 2

Wanted: propane or oil fired refrigerator or freezer

that could be delivered to Seattle WA or Seward AK or Phx AZ
Dale Langmade 1

Wanted: SMA Sunny Beam Data Monitor

I am looking for a Sunny Beam remote data monitor for use with an SMA 1800u Inverter.I currently have one but the USB port died ...
John Anderson 0

WANTED: Used solar setup and or wind setup

Wanted: used solar setup and or wind setup Disabled couple living off-grid (no access to utilities) in Idaho looking fo...
William Caudill 0

wanting an xantrex swplus 4024 inverter

Currently have a swplus 4024 inverter and am looking for another to stack with it. if you have or know of one please contact me ...
Onias Martin 0

Water fountain

I'm looking to put a water fountain in the middle of a remote pond... I've seen AC pond kits, but I'm looking for some kind of w...
Andy 2

water pumps

Hi,I am looking for a suppliers of the Gloria-water pump in South Africa.Thank you kindly,Basie Botha
Basie Botha 2

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