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Unisolar US 64 panels wanted

I am looking for 4 used US 64s to replace stolen items in an off-grid installation. San Diego area. Contact John Od...
John Odam 0

Used AGM batteries

I am looking for a used 300-400 AH 24v AGM battery set.  Hopefully, in the Maine, Massachusetts areas.  I am putting t...
James J 2

Used composting toilet

Hi all, I am looking for a used composting toilet in good condition. I live in the DC area but wouldbe willing for pay ...
Bridgette D 7

used invertors

I would like to purchase a used invertor of 600 watts with built in charger for my RV.  Prefer Trace
Dennis 0

used solar panels

i am looking for a few solar panels close to iowa in working condition or solar air heater panels. thanks
Brian Thompson 0

Used solar panels needed in NC

I am seeking good used solar panels around North Carolina that we can purchase at a reasonable price. We are hoping that someone...
Sue 1

using wind energy for reverse osmosis process

we are looking in the middle east for a system that could hanress wind energy for reverse osmosis process .Did any body try that...
mohd ali 1

Vendors for Victorian Home Solar Energy Prototype?

Vendors who would like to advertise free their products or services at the site of our Prototype should contact us for a "Vendor...
C. J. Strowder 0

Vented battery boxes

HI,I need a vented battery box for Trojan T-105's. They need a box that is 13 " tall and I can't find them anywhere. Does anyone...
Lyle Youngblut 1

Want dealer from local.

We are a manufacturer of solar panels and off=grid system.  Low MOQ and great price.  Email me for m...
Ray John 1

Want to buy


Want to learn how solarpower is made

Want tolearn how to make solarpanels. I have very little money but I am willing to work very hard To make a diffrence in the sol...
Gabe 2

want to purchase used solar pathfinder

prefer unit with base and carrying case
John Anderson 6

WANTED -- Northern California owners of Sun-Mar composters

I'd like to chat with an experienced owner before buying.  Please call Jeb at 650-327-7091 or email jeb @ mac.com (Palo ...
Jeb EDDY 1

wanted 50 KW wind turbines used,in good condition

wanted 50 KW wind turbines,used ,operational,in good condition,50 Hz, to power AC water pumps .
Chamel Macaron 0

Wanted Composting Toilet

Looking for a small unit for a cabin in Wyoming, reply here or e-mail to cwilson @ goatpacking.com
Charlie Wilson 0

Wanted Door for Wood Stove

WANTED We need a door for a wood/coal Allens model 205 D parlor stove.  We need the big main door.  Must be rare c...
Toni & Greg B 2

Wanted DR3624

I need a DR3624 inverter new or used. Please call 406-892-2505 or email at earthenergy @ centurytel.net.
Jack Janetski 0

Wanted FREE Propane Refrigerator

Rescue Children Orphanage is currently housing 17 children and are living out of 2 igloo coolers.  I am looking for someone...
Eugenia Dellapenna-Hyatt 0

Wanted Jacobs Hub

I am looking for a used hub for my 10 KW jacobs.  It is three bladed and the part number is 308-6233 for blade number AB-JB...
Oly Olson 1

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