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water pumps

I am intersted in irrigating approx. 10 acres of pasture using a solar water pump. The water is on the surface. The pump I think...
ted fink 2

We need 175 W solar modules (have europian sertificate) more 100 modules

mail for connect: lukin.a @ semeral.ru
Andrey Lukin 0

Where can I buy components/inverters for large windmills?

I am trying to sell power back to the power company.  I need to purchase an inverter.  I also need someone to install/...
Jerry Washington 1

Wind data

I'm looking for a weather data, mostly wind, that I can use to collect data using my PC.  I see a lot of self contained uni...
Bert Nye 1


Hello all,I am a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.  We are looking for a small scale wind gene...
Jim Adams 0

Wind Generator/Turbine

I am in the market for a new/used wind generator that can produce at least 2000W and be grid tied. Older like Jacobs would be fi...
Donald Goins 2

Wind Generators

Hi i live in canada and my dad is looking for a wind generator for cottage use,and we are having troubles looking for a canadian...
Charity 0

wind mill

i would like to know witch   wind mill is the best for generating electric for a home or mobile home use and what does it c...
bill 1

wind power

i need to know about wind power like wind mill's can you help me in any wAY?
matt 5

Wind Power Job Available

Looking for a really sharp, motivated person to assist me in the development of my wind generator business.  Resp...
Tom Wickey 1

Wind to grid system

I'm looking for a wind-powered system that I can tie to grid. Something with no batterys, very little maintenance and relitivley...
Rich Ross 4

wind turbine

I am looking for AIR 403 12 volts wind turbine in good conditionmax
massimo del prete 0

Wind Turbine 300-900W

I looking for a new/used wind turbine in the 300-900W range. I am located in VT and would consider paying shipping for the right...
Melinda Cobb 2

Wind turbine for Ski Resort

Hi, my name is Hubert Nolet Côté, and I'm a student in training for Boralex in Quebec, in electrical engineering ...
Hubert Nolet Côté 1

Wind turbine wanted in Iowa

Looking for a new or or used wind turbine 10kw or smaller. Also looking for somebody to install it. Thanks
brian thompson 0

Wind worker

I am looking for a Wind worker, any help appreciated.
Paul Thill 0


I am looking for a wind power source that looks like a windmill that you would find on the prairie.  Any recommendations?Th...
Peter Mosby 1

windmill wanted

 I just bought a house on Manitoulin Island There is no power at present and people have recomended a wind generator.There ...
terry mccullough 1

windpowered generator

We are wanting to install a windmill on our property for alternative energy.  We are looking for a Tri-prop. with the neces...
JUDO McGoran 4

Wound spring makes electricity....

I recently heard about a technology that uses a spring to generate electricity.You wind a handle or crank to tighten the spring....
Owen Toney 2

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