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Small Solar Panel: 10-15W

I need a small solar panel on the cheap, from 10-15W, as the title says. Something durable would be preferable, but I'm ope...
Patrick Luckow 1

Solar and Wind power getting started

I am interested in learning more about solar and wind  power energies.  I am planning on using both sources in the fut...
Ron 1

solar boat bailer

I have a 16 foot aluminum fishing boat that I have to leave uncovered for weeks at a time.  Can I install a solar powered m...
samg 3

Solar Christmas Tree Lights

I was researching product for our annual community Christmas tree decorations. Are there established solar powered Chrismas Tree...
Chris 1

Solar controller

Hello,   I am looking to purchase a used solar controller. I am a high school student doing a science project build...
Jesse Clifft 2

Solar Modul based Solar System

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,My company is looking for a Solar System which is based on Solar Panels. The Solar System has to be ab...
Kakar 2

Solar Music Box - Tune: "You Are My Sunshine"

Hi, about 20 years ago we bought our daughter a solar music box that played "You Are My Sunshine," and would like to located ano...
Linda Frisby 0

Solar Panel

Solar Panel for to power 1000 - 2000 watt UPS. From where in India I can get these
Rajiv Agarwal 0

solar panel

i drive a vw eurovan and i am wondering if i can place a solar panel on the van that would allow me to charge the carriage batte...
david thibodeau 2

solar panel

I already have an inverter (2500watts/24 volts) in my residence to supply frequent electricity outages.What do I need to have a ...
enex 2


I need help. I am doing this Investigatory project in school about solar panels and I don't know how it works. I am supposed to ...
eva mae 3

Solar Panel Cardboard Shipping Boxes needed

I have 4 Photowatt 105 watt panels (56" x 26" x 2") I want to ship from Texas to NJ via UPS. I dont have the orig...
John Anderson 0

Solar Panel for Laptop

I would like to use solor panels to power my laptop while hiking .  who sells such devices ? or how can I make one.  H...
Tom 0

solar panel pond filter kit

Does there exist a solar panel powered pond filter?  I've seen the fountains, but what about a pond filter?  I'd like ...
California Mansions 0

solar panel system for RV

I am looking for info on a complete solar energy system for my motothome. Tired of the "generatorblues" and down time. Would be ...
Roy Price 1

Solar Panels 1.23 or 1.48 Volts.

Are there solar cells (panels)that would produce either 1.48 or 1.23 volts with enough capacity to produce a usuable quantity of...
Lynwood G. Collins 0

Solar Panels of 10kva - 30kva

I am looking for solar panels to buy and use in NigeriaI will like to know if you make sola panels that produce power as much as...
Oghor K. Ejovi 6

Solar Panels, Batteries,Converters needed....

Im a small cabin in northern california to live out my live at and its far enough out that there is no power at all. Anyone with...
rick kerby 2

solar phase-change cells

for a small hobby greenhouse - does anyone know where I could find these cells?
vicki 0

solar power for an electric fence

I have an electric fence (about 1/2 acre) and would like to power it with solar energy.  Does anyone know what solar parts ...
Jackie Nelson 3

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