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Solar Power for Public Health - used 65-80W solar panel

Hello, I am a Canadian PhD student doing public health work in rural Panama.  Specifically I am looking at the interac...
Carli Halpenny 3

solar power to charge my battery for my cabin

i have a shed in the woods(PA.)that we stay in on the weekends and i week or two out of the yr.see link of the camping shed.. ht...
anthony gre 0

Solar powered pump for open loop system.

Hi All, does anyone know where I can purchase a small dc motor that will pump water from my tank to a flat plate collector? I ne...
Alan 3

Solar powered quadracycle

I was dissabled in a very bad Motorcycle accident about 5 years ago and I think I will not recover any more so I cannot work for...
djw46 Waller 0

Solar water system

I am looking for a Solar Hot water system as well as someone to help install it.  I am located in CT.  Please call 860...
GregC 0

Solar water system

I am looking for a used solar water system.  If you have one please call 860-668-6625.Greg
GregC 1

Someone to install grid kit in MA

Yup I need someone to install it for me. Harvard MA.
Pat Macroberts 2

Southwest Windpower H80 Parts Wanted.

I am trying to keep my H80 running for a few more months.  I desperately need a top casting.  If anyone has parts for ...
John Tyson 0

Sun Frost RF16 Refrigerator/Freezer

hi, i'm looking for a used Sun frost RF16 fridge that's in good working condition. we just bought an old house tha...
Chia-ling Yu 0

Sun Tracking Platform for PV Array?

This is my first post, so please excuse me if I'm in the wrong place. I am looking for plans or designs for a sun tracking platf...
John-Paul Shaw 1

Sunny Beam Installation CD

Hello folks. I have one of the original SB1800U and Sunny Beam remote monitor combination. I'd like to get a copy ...
John Anderson 0

Sunspool draindown valve

Need the  electrical part for it -will take whole valve to but only need electrical heater expansion box. Mark
Mark Cortright 1

Swithcing supply from Mains to Alternate Source

Here's my scenario:Have all the circuits at my house on Mains power from the local power company.Install an alternate source (wi...
Nigel Kelly 0

Tankless water heater

Looking for an UL and CSA approved instant water heater. Only using it for a low flow shower - 2gpm Any ventless availab...
Jerry Pierson 1

TARM 502 parts

Hello: I have several used parts for a TARM 502 for sale.  They include the loading door, grates, coal baffles, do...
Jeb Hart 1


Hello: I own an HS TARM model 502 multifuel boiler.  When I originally purchased the boiler 15 years ago, the coma...
Jeb Hart 8

Tesla motors

Any info on Tesla motors and where this technology is today is appreciated. Are they available? Where can one find information o...
Alain 3

Trace Microsine Inverters

I am willing to pay up to $200 for anyone looking to sell Trace Microsine utility intertie inverters.  They also have gone ...
Ross Nizlek 4

trade lumber for solar system(mexico)

Have almost unlimited supply of top grade pine,oak,or incense cedar to trade for complete solar/wind system(s). May need technic...
Vincent Boeggeman 0


I have 6 Kyocera 125 watt panels/ 750 watts total...24 volt system. Plus a 950 watt Lakota wind generator to supplement. Top of ...
Danni Gunn 1

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