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Older Jacobs Flyball Govenor wanted

I am looking for a flyball govenor or parts for one to fit an older Jacobs generator, model 60. Also looking for other parts for...
Bill Zweibohmer 4

pex pipe

i hav lots of surplus pipe of all size
dan phinney 3

PEX tube

Hi,I'm having a hard time locating a source for 3/8 PEX tubing for a radient heating project for my home. We are in Upper Lake C...
Cecil 2

photovoltaic panels/CIGS technology

does anyone know if there are commercially available photovoltaic tiles, NOT made from silicon, but "CIGS". OR, in alternative, ...
avalon bruce 0

plant watering using solar water pump

i have customers that need their flower pots water ed. my idea was to use the flower pot as the base to hold the water and some ...
mike zimmermann 0

Plastic panels

Am searching for 4x8 or 2x8 plastic panels that have the 1/2" channels down thru two sheets of plastic. For a better descri...
Frank Bingham 3

Power meter for a wind generator

I have installed a wind generator in Nicaragua and I want to measure its performance.  Does anyone make a relative inexpens...
Terry Bufton 1

Propane Refrigerator In Stainless?

Hi...I have been looking for a propane refrigerator and a small stand-up propane freezer in stainless steal. They all seem to be...
Claire Marwick 1

Residential Solar Energy System Wanted

We are looking for a 1.5 to 4 KW solar energy system (PV) including solar panels, controllers, pure sine wave inverter for a 120...
Martin Kristen 2

Reynolds Aluminum "Crown Top" Heat Exchanger & Panels For Sale

I purchased a house 10 years ago w/this solar collector series #1400 or #1500.  I have no idea if it is functioning. I&...
Mk Knight 1

reynolds aluminum solar

I need the plastic for my collectors and the foil lining inside. And other tips on this system
Eric Vonschmidt 0

Reynolds Crowntop Circulator Pump

I need a replacement pump for my Reynolds Aluminum Crowntop solar hot water system circa 1981. The pump for the tank water (not ...
Jim Reineck 3

Savonious Rotor Construction

Looking for a detailed book on Savonious Rotor Construction.  Where to find the following book:  "Savonious rotor, con...
Glenn 0

Science Project

I am currently working on my 8th grade science project. I have created a renewable energy source using magnets and a PVC wheel. ...
James 1

Seimens solar panel

Wanted to Buy:  Siemens Solar Panel - 35 watt, 21" X 25 " with 36 half squares.  Need these dimensions to fi...
Cynthia Bangs 0

Self Contained Solar Submersible Fountain Pumps

I am looking for a self contained solar powered submersible fountain pump supplier. I have seen floating types advertised for sa...
Pati Wetherell 0

Servel gas refrigerator

We have an old Servel gas refrigerator that we would like to sell.  We are in the St. Louis, MO area. Does anyone know a pl...
John Dring 1

servel refrigerator parts

Help, we have an OLD servel propane refrigerator in Baja and are in need of a place to purchase parts for it.  If anyone kn...
dickey shinen 6

Siemens Junction Box Covers - Wanted

I am looking for junction box cover plates for older style Siemens solar panels from the nineties. The model I have is a M75 but...

Small Grid-Tie Inverter Wanted

If anyone out there has a new or used Grid-tie inverter for sale, I'm interested in Sunny/Windy Boy 700, Enphase Micro, and...
Johann S 0

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