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Looking for Used Air X's or mallards or hornets

I am loking for used Air X's. Air 403's, mallrds or hornets. Will pay cash and pick up anywhere in the US ...
Steven Simoni 0

Looking For Used But Intact Solar Charger For Notebook

I'm seeking a used but intact solar charger for my notebook such as the solar gorilla. The chargers should be able to give ...
Monika M. 0

Looking for Used Composting Toilet

I am currently looking for used composting toilets.  I am looking to purchase right away. Please contact me with any offers...
Beau Hamer 0

Looking for used solar panels in Ottawa, Canada region

Hello, I'm looking for used solar panels and solar setup equipment.  I'm located in Ottawa Canada but am wil...
Sean Collins 3

looking to buy USED 50KW wind turbines

I am interested in buying 5-6 used units of 50KW of wind turbines. It should be in a good operating condition.Reply ASAP. Genuin...
Ammar Jangbarwala 0

Looking to purchase complete wind system (grid interdite)

Hello,I'm located in Atlantic Canada, very windy here and am looking for a system that can produce 5 or more KWH per day. It mus...
Rob Hines 0

low-powered pump

I'm working on a project that requires a low powered dc pump that draws current in the mAs.  Anybody know a supplier?  ...
chem 3

Lowest Solar panel price (150Wp, 75 Wp)

Can anyone offer me or inform me of solar panels available in the market with the lowest price including shipping..in bulk order...
Joel Clavecillas 3

mechanical thermostat for solar pool heater

I am search of a mechanical thermostat (the type and size one might find in an automobile). The problem is I need a activation r...
Ron Kidney 3

metamorphic solar panels

 Where can I get information on solar panels that are supposedly metamorphically created, so to speak?(could be an extrusio...
cal marlow 0

Motorized bicycle wanted

Here's my situation:  I've recently started an 18 month assignment at Guantanamo Bay and I don't have a car....
John D 4

Natural Gas to LP conversion

I have a 1928 gas range that I need to convert from Natural gas to LP.....It does have screw on orfices.....any help?
Jim Schooler 1

Need 2 replacement Carizzos

Life is good until my 8 year old starts throwing rocks. Gold to bronze I'm not picky, any help is greatly appreciated.God BlessR...
Ralf Platt 1

need a junction box cover for a GE solar panel

I have a gepv-050-mna solar panel that is missing the junction box cover. Does anyone know where to get one? thank you all f...
Rick LaBorde 0

Need an installer

Looking for an installer/contractor to install windturbine in Lehigh Valley PA. (Easton, Bethlehehem and Allentown)
James Harlan 2

Need CC-20 Charge Controller by Heliotrope wiring diagram

This is an old controller, brown front panel, has a row of LEDs for voltage and current.  Charges up to 20A.  Allows s...
Steve Harrington 3

Need Solar Water Heater asap!!

Hi, my company is looking to buy solar water heaters which will see a water flow rate of 40 gpm, with the inlet temp of 85C and ...
Ammar Jangbarwala 0

New Technology?

I am involved in a small company, based in Europe, which has new technology that enables the use of geothermal energy almost any...
Blaine Landreman 4


Wan Suwito 0

off-grid living

Will be moving to S E Arizona shortly and have been trying to figure out internet and telephone service without wires. Can we ge...
Ed Arnold 2

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