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Brown's gas manuals

Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a used set of Brown's Gas manuals, 1& 2 These were written by George Wis...
Dan Clizer 0

Air 403 Turbine 12v and over 1500w inverter. even better if the inverter outs 230V

Air 403 Turbine 12v and over 1500w inverter. even better if  the inverter outs 230Vwanted.
adrian 0

Wanted: deep cycle batteries

Wanted: low cost deep cycle batteries, 6V or 12V, lead acid, Edison cells, or liquid nicad. Should be within reasonable driving ...
G. Brown 0

just in time for the holidays: I want a composting toilet!

Last Christmas my husband gave me car parts. I tore open the box and found... a steering wheel. To honor my hubby'...
Copeland Casati 0

Wind turbine wanted in Iowa

Looking for a new or or used wind turbine 10kw or smaller. Also looking for somebody to install it. Thanks
brian thompson 0

looking for home kit links

A man I know who owns the land adjacent to mine has just retired and is going to build a simple home to live in for the rest of ...
Mary Mc Donald 0

solar panel pond filter kit

Does there exist a solar panel powered pond filter?  I've seen the fountains, but what about a pond filter?  I'd like ...
California Mansions 0

wind turbine

I am looking for AIR 403 12 volts wind turbine in good conditionmax
massimo del prete 0

Swithcing supply from Mains to Alternate Source

Here's my scenario:Have all the circuits at my house on Mains power from the local power company.Install an alternate source (wi...
Nigel Kelly 0

trade lumber for solar system(mexico)

Have almost unlimited supply of top grade pine,oak,or incense cedar to trade for complete solar/wind system(s). May need technic...
Vincent Boeggeman 0

Flexible Solar panel to aid in hybrid Prius charging

Anyone doing this to furthur boost MPGs?
Erik Yuri 0

solar power to charge my battery for my cabin

i have a shed in the woods(PA.)that we stay in on the weekends and i week or two out of the yr.see link of the camping shed.. ht...
anthony gre 0

how to

hi can anyone send me a diagram of how to wire in series/parallel 4 mk 8a8d battiers, and how would i wire two solar panel and w...
timothy walker 0

Looking to purchase complete wind system (grid interdite)

Hello,I'm located in Atlantic Canada, very windy here and am looking for a system that can produce 5 or more KWH per day. It mus...
Rob Hines 0

Flexible Solar Panels (Fabric?)

We are looking for a flexible solar panel (s) that can be or could be fused to a wide variety of materials.Any direction or sugg...
Dave Brockes 0

Looking for Used Composting Toilet

I am currently looking for used composting toilets.  I am looking to purchase right away. Please contact me with any offers...
Beau Hamer 0

Southwest Windpower H80 Parts Wanted.

I am trying to keep my H80 running for a few more months.  I desperately need a top casting.  If anyone has parts for ...
John Tyson 0

awreness on the matter.

Sir I'm a Nigerian and due to epilectic power supply I am intrested in the cost of setting up solar energy as an alternative sou...
emmanuel nyabam 0

Savonious Rotor Construction

Looking for a detailed book on Savonious Rotor Construction.  Where to find the following book:  "Savonious rotor, con...
Glenn 0

Solar powered quadracycle

I was dissabled in a very bad Motorcycle accident about 5 years ago and I think I will not recover any more so I cannot work for...
djw46 Waller 0

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