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Extrusions for Solar Water Panel Frames

I have a solar collector for water but need to build a frame (box) to be able to use it. Does any one know where I can get some ...
Daniel Ridgeway 1

Reynolds Aluminum "Crown Top" Heat Exchanger & Panels For Sale

I purchased a house 10 years ago w/this solar collector series #1400 or #1500.  I have no idea if it is functioning. I&...
Mk Knight 1

Tankless water heater

Looking for an UL and CSA approved instant water heater. Only using it for a low flow shower - 2gpm Any ventless availab...
Jerry Pierson 1

EVA for Solar Cell encapsulation

Looking for a USA distributor that sells EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) film in small quantities for the use in the production of ...
Don Gunther 1

WANTED -- Northern California owners of Sun-Mar composters

I'd like to chat with an experienced owner before buying.  Please call Jeb at 650-327-7091 or email jeb @ mac.com (Palo ...
Jeb EDDY 1

3624 parts needee

I need circuit boards for my Trace DR 3624 inverter any help in finding where I can get them would be appreciated Thanks ...
Donald Bodda 1

Wanted Jacobs Hub

I am looking for a used hub for my 10 KW jacobs.  It is three bladed and the part number is 308-6233 for blade number AB-JB...
Oly Olson 1

Sunspool draindown valve

Need the  electrical part for it -will take whole valve to but only need electrical heater expansion box. Mark
Mark Cortright 1

Want dealer from local.

We are a manufacturer of solar panels and off=grid system.  Low MOQ and great price.  Email me for m...
Ray John 1


I am looking for information on how to build an inverter.The load is 1800watts at 120V for 15 min.I am using two deep cycle mari...
Ray Beaudry 1

110v Jacobs Wanted

I am looking for a 110 volt Jacobs wind generator. Does not have to be complete.    
Roger Yoneliunas 1


I have 6 Kyocera 125 watt panels/ 750 watts total...24 volt system. Plus a 950 watt Lakota wind generator to supplement. Top of ...
Danni Gunn 1

double female end adapter to connect charger to inverter

I have a solar car battery charger that conects through my car's lighter recepticle.  (Specs: Max power 3.2 watts, Max watt...
Jeanne Warner 1

Wanted: Jacobs wind generator....

... and tower preferably in Wisconsin but we will travel to the surrounding states for the right deal.  It can be standing ...
Dawn Buxton 1

Wanted: propane or oil fired refrigerator or freezer

that could be delivered to Seattle WA or Seward AK or Phx AZ
Dale Langmade 1

used solar panels

i am looking for a few solar panels close to iowa in working condition or solar air heater panels. thanks
Brian Thompson 0

iso trace sw4024, t240, blades or cheap whole bergey xl1

Give me a shout if you have any of this older stuff that you want to get rid of. Thanx
Rick Niles 0

Wanted SunnyBoy SB700u in NJ

Does anybody have or know of a used SB700u 700 watt 120Vacinverter they want to sell. Please contact me at JKAsolar @ comcast.net....
John Anderson 0

WANTED: Used solar setup and or wind setup

Wanted: used solar setup and or wind setup Disabled couple living off-grid (no access to utilities) in Idaho looking fo...
William Caudill 0

Seimens solar panel

Wanted to Buy:  Siemens Solar Panel - 35 watt, 21" X 25 " with 36 half squares.  Need these dimensions to fi...
Cynthia Bangs 0

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