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plant watering using solar water pump

i have customers that need their flower pots water ed. my idea was to use the flower pot as the base to hold the water and some ...
mike zimmermann 0

Xantrex SW4548 230-50 needed

hello everyone! I'm searching for Xantrex SW4548/230-50 Hybrid inverter/charger together with its additional compo...
Domantas Klicius 0

Centennial Solar is a manufacture of PV modules in North America

Centennial solar is a manufacture of PV modules in North America !, we offer industry-leading performance and proprietary design...
Gord Terlier 0

Looking for a Siemens M55 PV panel

I have one now, and looking for a second one to pair it with. Anyone have one they could sell me?
Lyle Bergman 0

wanted 50 KW wind turbines used,in good condition

wanted 50 KW wind turbines,used ,operational,in good condition,50 Hz, to power AC water pumps .
Chamel Macaron 0

Solar Panel for Laptop

I would like to use solor panels to power my laptop while hiking .  who sells such devices ? or how can I make one.  H...
Tom 0

wanted small fridge

I'd like to run a small fridge or freezer off of solar power. About 2 foot square.  Anyone know of one cheaper th...
Joy Jolley 0

Heliotrope C120 E instructions or manual needed

I am looking for a copy of the paperwork for a Heliotrope C120E Charge controller. I am trying to Identify the top set of DIP sw...
Warren Lee 0

Wanted FREE Propane Refrigerator

Rescue Children Orphanage is currently housing 17 children and are living out of 2 igloo coolers.  I am looking for someone...
Eugenia Dellapenna-Hyatt 0

We need 175 W solar modules (have europian sertificate) more 100 modules

mail for connect: lukin.a @ semeral.ru
Andrey Lukin 0


Hello all,I am a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.  We are looking for a small scale wind gene...
Jim Adams 0

Wanted Schools Anywhere in the USA to Install Wind Turbines...

we have windturbines going up in nevada at a school!! e-mail us ...would like to dosomething in california or any other states.....
Reggie Andrews 0

metamorphic solar panels

 Where can I get information on solar panels that are supposedly metamorphically created, so to speak?(could be an extrusio...
cal marlow 0

Solar Panel Cardboard Shipping Boxes needed

I have 4 Photowatt 105 watt panels (56" x 26" x 2") I want to ship from Texas to NJ via UPS. I dont have the orig...
John Anderson 0

Crystalite Glazing Film

HELP!  Have been using "waterwalls" w/ Crystalite glazing film for 17 years.  Now much of the honey comb like solar re...
Bob Apat 0

need a junction box cover for a GE solar panel

I have a gepv-050-mna solar panel that is missing the junction box cover. Does anyone know where to get one? thank you all f...
Rick LaBorde 0

Unisolar US 64 panels wanted

I am looking for 4 used US 64s to replace stolen items in an off-grid installation. San Diego area. Contact John Od...
John Odam 0

Wanted: SMA Sunny Beam Data Monitor

I am looking for a Sunny Beam remote data monitor for use with an SMA 1800u Inverter.I currently have one but the USB port died ...
John Anderson 0

Jacobs 17.5 kw blades

I'm looking for a set of three new or used Jacobs blades. Pls contact me at email or phone: rstickle @ midwest3pl.com ...
Rick Stickle 0

Looking for a solar panel producer

hello!   i am looking for a small scale producer of solar panel who is interested in setting up a base for production of su...
Tushar 0

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