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EVA for Solar Cell encapsulation

Looking for a USA distributor that sells EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) film in small quantities for the use in the production of ...
Don Gunther 1

I am looking for a used wind power system with or without batteries.

I am looking for a used wind power system with or without batteries.  I have a weekend cottage that I would like to take of...
Gary Derkacz 1

A Job!!

Looking to connect with solar installers, technicians, and creators for work, commentary, and advice. Also willing to provide av...
Aaron Mandelkorn 1

Wind turbine for Ski Resort

Hi, my name is Hubert Nolet Côté, and I'm a student in training for Boralex in Quebec, in electrical engineering ...
Hubert Nolet Côté 1

Solar water system

I am looking for a used solar water system.  If you have one please call 860-668-6625.Greg
GregC 1

Servel gas refrigerator

We have an old Servel gas refrigerator that we would like to sell.  We are in the St. Louis, MO area. Does anyone know a pl...
John Dring 1

Tankless water heater

Looking for an UL and CSA approved instant water heater. Only using it for a low flow shower - 2gpm Any ventless availab...
Jerry Pierson 1

Looking for small round PV cells for hobby project

Hello,I am looking for a manufacturer that produces a small 2-3 inch in diameter PV cell I can connect to a small DC motor. I ne...
Valerie 1

Interested in solar !!!!!

Yes, I was wanting some infomation on replacing  my regular energy power for solar to run my well pump.. this way i would n...
Gloria 1

Power meter for a wind generator

I have installed a wind generator in Nicaragua and I want to measure its performance.  Does anyone make a relative inexpens...
Terry Bufton 1


I am looking for a wind power source that looks like a windmill that you would find on the prairie.  Any recommendations?Th...
Peter Mosby 1

Solar Christmas Tree Lights

I was researching product for our annual community Christmas tree decorations. Are there established solar powered Chrismas Tree...
Chris 1

Human power?

Does anyone know where I can get a device that I could attach to exercise equipment for producing electricity?  I'm not rea...
Linda Alexander 1

Natural Gas to LP conversion

I have a 1928 gas range that I need to convert from Natural gas to LP.....It does have screw on orfices.....any help?
Jim Schooler 1

installing solar or wind power

Where would I find someone knowledgeable to install solar or wind products.  I live in Ohio with a zip code of 44683
B. Bosley 1

Wind data

I'm looking for a weather data, mostly wind, that I can use to collect data using my PC.  I see a lot of self contained uni...
Bert Nye 1

Cub Scout Solar Power Project

I am looking for learning tools, information and supplies for a cub scout project to make small solar power toy cars.
Doris Benbrook 1

I need new or used geneators for large wind turbines

I will buy any (large >500kw)new or used generator for windmills
Jerry Washington 1

Where can I buy components/inverters for large windmills?

I am trying to sell power back to the power company.  I need to purchase an inverter.  I also need someone to install/...
Jerry Washington 1

1.5 volt solar panels

I am trying to find a supplier of polythene  solar panels that produce 1.5 volts Max  do you know of any one.  Th...
stan hudson 1

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