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composting toilet

i am interested in seeing a composting toilet in use. i am looking to buy sun mar centrex  or equivalent  if in the ce...
Sam Cetrano 0

Looking for Used Air X's or mallards or hornets

I am loking for used Air X's. Air 403's, mallrds or hornets. Will pay cash and pick up anywhere in the US ...
Steven Simoni 0


Wan Suwito 0

Wind worker

I am looking for a Wind worker, any help appreciated.
Paul Thill 0

Wind Generators

Hi i live in canada and my dad is looking for a wind generator for cottage use,and we are having troubles looking for a canadian...
Charity 0

wanting an xantrex swplus 4024 inverter

Currently have a swplus 4024 inverter and am looking for another to stack with it. if you have or know of one please contact me ...
Onias Martin 0

I need to know

I need to know how to pick the right wind maccine for my school? And to how to choose an are to place the maccine
geneveve 0

Children's Science Exhibit

Hello,I work in Olympia Washington as a scoutmaster for troop 418.We are putting on some science workshops at the children´┐Żs sci...
Brad Whaley 0


Would appreciate a shortcut to data requirements for all kinds of household and handyman type electrical appliances, tools etc. ...
pete bachstadt 0

Solar Panels 1.23 or 1.48 Volts.

Are there solar cells (panels)that would produce either 1.48 or 1.23 volts with enough capacity to produce a usuable quantity of...
Lynwood G. Collins 0

Solar Music Box - Tune: "You Are My Sunshine"

Hi, about 20 years ago we bought our daughter a solar music box that played "You Are My Sunshine," and would like to located ano...
Linda Frisby 0

solar phase-change cells

for a small hobby greenhouse - does anyone know where I could find these cells?
vicki 0

Good service?

Hi Alt-E Staff, I am very sad about your service. Why not give me a response? I have difficulties in handling ...
Peter Meng 0

Centrifugal Clothes Dryer / Water Extractor for Home Use

Niffy extractors in Mexico are everywhere and I am trying to locate an affordable source in the USA. It is for home / personal u...
Paula Townsell 0

Vendors for Victorian Home Solar Energy Prototype?

Vendors who would like to advertise free their products or services at the site of our Prototype should contact us for a "Vendor...
C. J. Strowder 0

looking to buy USED 50KW wind turbines

I am interested in buying 5-6 used units of 50KW of wind turbines. It should be in a good operating condition.Reply ASAP. Genuin...
Ammar Jangbarwala 0

photovoltaic panels/CIGS technology

does anyone know if there are commercially available photovoltaic tiles, NOT made from silicon, but "CIGS". OR, in alternative, ...
avalon bruce 0

I'm a Marketing Executive offering FREE MARKETING help. Is Your Marketing Team Maximizing Business? I'm a Marketing Executive Available for FREE

Dear Alternative Energy CommunityDid you know that the BEST PRO TEAMS draft for athletic ability not for the specific position? ...
Stewart Hampton 0

Need Solar Water Heater asap!!

Hi, my company is looking to buy solar water heaters which will see a water flow rate of 40 gpm, with the inlet temp of 85C and ...
Ammar Jangbarwala 0

reynolds aluminum solar

I need the plastic for my collectors and the foil lining inside. And other tips on this system
Eric Vonschmidt 0

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