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composting toliet

Aloha, I'm looking to buy an Envirolet Basic Plus or Sunmar NE, new or used in excellent shape.
Brandon Lima 12

GC-1000 Inverter(s) Wanted

I'm looking for burned up, non-functional Advanced Energy GC-1000 Grid Tie Inverters.  Must be complete, not missing any co...
Jim Parish 11

Investor for Renewable Energy Products

Most of the electricity generated on this island in the Caribbean is from hydrobon Fuels and is extremely costly to consumers at...
Carl Duncan 10

wanted used composting toilet

we are looking for a non ele. composting toilet used in good working condition our email is read only at the library so if you d...
Bill Hughes 9


Hello: I own an HS TARM model 502 multifuel boiler.  When I originally purchased the boiler 15 years ago, the coma...
Jeb Hart 8

Looking for Solar Panel

Looking for soalr panel which generate electricity with output such as 12 volt and 50 Amp
shaab 8

bottled propane gas ovens & ranges for home use

I don't know if such exists, but I live where there is no 220V outlets for electric stove/range and no gas lines.  What I w...
Carla Rosenberger 8

Looking for solar-powered pool heater...

I'm looking into finding a solar-powered pool heater.  Wondering if you carry them or can direct me to an on-line site that...
John Nathan 7

Used composting toilet

Hi all, I am looking for a used composting toilet in good condition. I live in the DC area but wouldbe willing for pay ...
Bridgette D 7

want to purchase used solar pathfinder

prefer unit with base and carrying case
John Anderson 6

Big Solar Water pumps

Hello. I am looking for Solar water pumps. I need big Solar water pumps. That means the pump must bring the water from 100 metre...
Kakar 6

Solar Panels of 10kva - 30kva

I am looking for solar panels to buy and use in NigeriaI will like to know if you make sola panels that produce power as much as...
Oghor K. Ejovi 6

servel refrigerator parts

Help, we have an OLD servel propane refrigerator in Baja and are in need of a place to purchase parts for it.  If anyone kn...
dickey shinen 6

3 years off grid! female designed & constucted homestead seeks 80 watt panel(s)

My 5 acre homestead is completely off grid in the mojave desert.  With no prior training or knowledge, I sought to build a ...
Karen E 6

Any Xantrex DR Series US Inverters, C35/C40/C60 Charge Controllers

If anyone has new or slightly used Xantrex DR inverter/chargers, I am looking for them.  We bould transportable solar gener...
Anthony Williams 6

Wanted: Information on steam turbine power generators

We have a small farm in Central BC, Canada and would like to generate our own power. As we have an unlimited supply of wood to b...
Chuck Butcher 5

wind power

i need to know about wind power like wind mill's can you help me in any wAY?
matt 5

jacobs wanted

i am after a jacobs wind turbine,i will pay good dollars and pay international freight if needed.
paul melis 5

High School Needs Help - Solar Dog House Project

Georgette wrote: QuoteI am a HS teacher trying to add alternative energy into a construction course. My students and I ...
Keith Birchfield 5

Wanted, used deep cycle batteries in CT

I am interested in batteries for my off grid system.  I have a 400w system and used 12 alpha cell batteries (100 ah each, 1...
Conrad W 5

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