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Hybrid System

We have a bergey XL1 as the start to our system.   being new to this if anyone has any advice do's or dont's...
Lee Butcher 0

Small scale energy independence

This is what I am "talking" about. Althou...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

where to get Insurance

Im in the process of buying an off grid house and am having trouble finding insurance any advice would be helpful
Wayne Kobe 0

"Earn big money installing RE." ?!

Are you a renewable energies worker? Do you feel like your not getting payed a fair amount? Are you an employer of RE wo...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

"New Music, New Energy Tour" idea

Hey, altE Store!  I am an indie singer/songwriter from LA, and I try to do as much as I can to lead a sustainable lifestyle...
Arden Kaywin 0

100% solor energy for bus/and or wind

Hello,I'm new to this and about to convert a 86 gmcschool bus into a home with and addition.I would like to be totally self cont...
Uriyah Charron 2

12 volt system

Hi I'm wondering is there any real benefit of having a battery bank larger than a 12 volt system. With the MPPT controllers...
Charles Harte 1

12V 16" DC venturi fan

Is this available yet?Am having a hard time getting an answer to this.
David Hughes 4

12V LED Lights

Say I have a 35W solar panel connected to a 6A charge controller and (2) 12V Marine Batteries connected in parallel... ...
Mario Niebla 2

12v system for 120sqft cabin

Hi, I'm a newbe.  I'm building a small cabin on a mountain top in east TN and would like to provide lighting and ...
John Barton 1


Just a couple of fun facts about the year 1893. In the year 1893, Edna Parker was born in the state of I...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

1KW or Smaller Grid Tied Windturbines?

I have been searching for a 1000watt or smaller turbine that can be grid tied. I know the DC ones can be used to charge battery ...
Ryan Crowell 1

2 long questions from a Newbie... regarding solar hot water space heating

1) I have started an attempt to educate myself about solar water space heating, which I would like to install to supplement heat...
Ronald Hiemann 6

20 amps at 120v. or 2400w of power

I want to build a system that I can use at an off the grid site. I wanted to know how many 100w panels I would need to power a b...
Brian Eicke 0

2007 Solar Decathlon

Hello Everyone! For those who didn't know, right now the Solar Decathlon ( is on the Nation...
Ian Williams 3

3 Things you should know when Looking at Solar Water Heating

The advancement in solar thermal heating has resulted in cost effective solar heaters that are almost 94% efficient. This has ca...
Avenir Jim 2

3 years off grid! And............

Thank you very much to everyone who has shown interest in my project.  I tried to give a quick synopsis late last night wit...
Karen E 6

8,000sqft Strawbale house thinking off grid? Need Help!

Looking for someone with knowledge to work with me on purchasing and installing Wind Power, Solar PV units, Low voltage wiring, ...
William Perehudoff 1

A new way of generating electricity

Hi, My name is Claudio Bianco. I am an inventor, and have just completed my last work called "Continual Wind-Up", ...
Claudio Bianco 5

a propane-in-the-arse refrigerator tale....

Guy that lives on the island next to me called me on the VHF radio today.  Asked if I wanted a one year old propane fridge ...
J. Chris Cloud 2

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