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How can the performance of a solar panel array be tracked?

Does anyone have ideas on how to track solar panel performance over time? One way to track performance is to record the...
Jeff Fedison 0

Solar Thermal Cost Breakdown

I'm looking for a cost breakdown sort of similar to the one done here for PV Cells
Muz Ashraf 0

Wind Generator, which one???

Anyone own and use a wind generator that is larger than 800watts? I would like to know how you like or dislike its performance. ...
Arcandspark 0

Outdoor wood burning furnace ???

I will be purchasing an outdoor wood burning furnace to help heat water with in the near future. I am looking for feedback as to...
Arcandspark 0

Collecting Rain Water

A friend of mine who lives off grid is replacing his current mobile home and building a 2000 sq ft house. The alternitive power ...
Arcandspark 0

Looking for Internship in Charlottesville, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Waynesboro

To Whom It May Concern:   Hello. My name is Joshua Magura and am a 27 year old college student living in Staunton, ...
Joshua Magura 0 / technology goes LIVE!

Hello everyone here at the RE General Discussion Group. I'm new here, however i'm very excited to find a disc...
Darcy Klyne 0

Low cost labor/Renewable energy assessments

I'm looking to help with renewable energy product installations in the NY/New England area. I also do home and small busine...
Michael P 0

Disconnects at Base of Wind Tower

I have a H100 Wind Turbine that will be on a 50' tower that will be 300 feet away from my home. Questions: ...
Eric F 0

Ventilation system for Off Grid house

I'm under construction building an Off Grid, Super insulated house in VT.  I'm trying to find a ventilation (HRV/...
Jean Towns 0

Spec-ing a PV water pump combo

Can someone tell me what I need for this application? I have a strong spring (~10 gpm)which is about 300 feet from the house and...
Richard Norris 0

radio waves

Some electrical engineer my husband came in contact with through work said he provides all the electricity for his home through ...
Katie Kirchner 0


I have acquired a Sol-R-Beam water heater and need any technical information available on it.  Does anyone know a resource ...
Linda Bugg 0

In the Carolina's today

I just wanted to bring all of this to the attention of the RE comunities of the rest of this American nation. http://www.fws...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

a unique use for solar power

My electric truck is finally running (I'll have more pics in my gallery in the next couple weeks), so I've started on ...
Travis M 0

We Want To Install Windturbines At Schools & University

e-mail me for more info...
Reggie Andrews 0

Great New Alternative Energy Book Out

Jeff Wilson just released a new book called The Manhattan project of 2009. This book is the bomb. He has a web site that explain...
Sh JA 0

off grid systems

Hello my name is robbymax a member of the BVS I own a battery vehicle a berlingo electrique I also own a battery home a...
Terry Roberts 0

Renewable/Alternative Energy, Where to Start

People often talk about using alternative energy in their homes or businesses, but do they understand what those alternatives ar...
Ed K 0

Chinese PV panels

Hello out there! Are there any Canadians here? For our U.S. friends, we have fewer choices up here when it comes to alternative ...
Paul Hearsey 0

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