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Blemished sharp 170 watt panels

What is the opinion about buying blemished, out of tolerance. or discolored celled panels for a stand alone system
Allen B 1


Anyone know where i can get some decent books on Alt-E from a practical/technical perspective? I'm an electronic engineering stu...
simon Hill 6

Brilliant minds

You may have heard this question before. Do brilliant minds think alike or, do they think for themselves? http://ww...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

Buderus Logalux PL750/2S - anyone?

I'm considering this for my Solar HW planned for next fall.  Anyone installed one?  Using one?  Seen one?...
Michael Graber 2

Building Mounted Turbine?

Does anyone make a turbine that mounts to the top of a building?
Ross Tribby 0

building solar panels

I'm in the process of building some solar panels.  I need to attach a wire interface to connect each solar panel. ...
Robert Wood 0


I am looking to change my 120 volt motion detector flood lights to 12 volts (These are outdoor flood lights. can anyone reco...
Rene M 1

Buying Green Power From the Grid

Most of us know the validity of using renewable energy. With less impact on the environment and an endless supply to tap into, r...
John Haley 2

Camp Fan

I have a camp with out electric power.  We presently use lp gas for our lights, cooking and refrigeration.  I would li...
Mike Fortier 1

Can anyone recommend a low-cost home wind turbine

My husband (retired, disabled) and me (age 55, a teacher) live on an acre in the middle of a neighbor's alfalfa farm in south ce...
Becky 0

can conservation be immoral?

 this question came up while getting the electric bill today.  i live in a three story building with the...
David Ames 7

Can I use Microhydro?

OK, I am a complete and typical newbie.  We have acreage that fronts a pretty decent size river.  There is no falling ...
Chris Roberson 3

Can someone help me?

I am doing a proect on wind power and was delighted to find this site. But I am having trouble inding some products powered by w...
Anne 1

Can you charge a battery using man made energy?

This is probably a stupid question,but we have been seeing the cranking flashlights and foot pump batteries and were wondering i...
Mitzi Callahan 5

Cansolair Type Soda Can Solar Heater - Hungarian Website

Anyone speak Hungarian? I found this Cansolair type DIY s...
Joe DeBottis 0


I really need help! I accidently let a look alike kitten in my house about 10 days ago. The new kitten has only let me h...
Debora Sigrist 1

Ceiling fan

The log cabin we are building has a cathedral ceiling over the living area. Looking for an energy efficient ceiling fan with...
Jerry Pierson 0

Charge Controller for 48v golf cart

I have a portable 160w solar panel system with [email protected] 80w panels wired in parallel for 12v charging.  I have a PWM type control...
Steve Bartlett 4

Charge controller for sell back system

Does anyone make a charge controller for a high voltage (310 to 360 VDC) sell back system?  My wife is going to be very unh...

charge controller location

I have a 100' cable run between the solar panel and the battery.  Should the controller be placed at one end or the ot...
Lee Gersch 5

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