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Looking for projects

I am looking for anyone who has a solar project they have done to help cut back on gas cost. I am looking for you to write an ar...
Jd N 5

Is it posible to change the wiring of a module from 24 Volts to 12. By Nathan

I Bought a Shell Solar Module 150 Watt 43.4 Volts Open Circuit Voltage 34.0 V Rated V. on the instruction booklet it explains ho...
Nathan L J 2

Charge controller for sell back system

Does anyone make a charge controller for a high voltage (310 to 360 VDC) sell back system?  My wife is going to be very unh...

appliances stop working on system

Hello,    I have a system setup and running for the last five to six months, four gulf cart batteries, 170 wa...
A. Hayles 6

Wind energy

Wind has a lot of caliber which we are still unaware about. Wind turbines can provide more energy than the world’s energy cons...
Abomi Dorset 6

Need info on Wind Gen system

Hello, Im looking to buy atleast one windgenerator and grid tie inverter. But i have no idea what i need for my specific ne...
Adam Bond 2

Excellent place to further educate about green energy

This place has some awesome dvd's about many different types of green energy, and how to put them into practice. A few...
Adam Bond 1

Inverters that work the best for you

Howdy all, I am just starting out and am researching which inverter is the most reliable with the least amount of probl...
Adam Browne 2

Windmill Installation Costs

Hi Everyone, I'm trying to model a home's electricity costs for a school project.  I'm including th...
Adam Smith 3

Installer for Natural Light Tubular Skylight

I purchased a tubular skylight and am looking for an installer in the Boston Massachusetts area. I was planning to put this in n...
Al Bonaiuto 2

Solar Thermal Hot Water and Cold Air Return Heat Exchanger

I have been wondering about a system that is talked about briefly, but hardly explained in much details in terms of pros/cons.&n...
Alan Gonzalez 3

Looking to help for FREE !!

Does anyone have any projects they need help with? I'm a technical guy looking to gain some real world experience with rene...
Albert Disciullo 2

Underground Coal Gasification

The process of converting hard coal into gas has been around for nearly 200 years. The first practical application of gas derive...
Alec Nolan 0

outdoor air cooling powered by alternative energy

 Hello everyone !At I describe my small invention that can be powered by alternative sources of e...
alexander kotov 0

New to Solar

LAST EDITED ON Oct-28-05 AT 10:22 PM (EST)I am new to renewable energy source and was looking for some help in figuring out...
Alfred De La Pena 1

Using Solar Water to Heat Workshop

Has anyone out there used roof-mounted solar water collectors to heat a single room. I don't need it for domestic hot water...
Allan Smits 4

Battteries do not hold charge overnight

Installed 2-130 watt Krocera panels, going to a Xantrex C-35 controller, then to two midsize deep cycle batteries, into a 1500 w...
Allen B 5

Blemished sharp 170 watt panels

What is the opinion about buying blemished, out of tolerance. or discolored celled panels for a stand alone system
Allen B 1

Asia Global Energy Solutions Morning Energy: BP bites back

ILLNESSS OF FORMER EPA OFFICAL CHARGED WITH THEFT POSTPONES HEARING: An arraignment scheduled for today in the case of an EPA em...
Althea Tux 0

Some useful resources in this directory

I found this great new directory that categorizes thousands of alternative energy websites in a simple and fun way. ht...
Alx Ramon 0

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