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B-Grade PV Modules

So I have noticed a posting or two here on the forums about B-Grade PV modules and wanted to make a couple of comments and see i...
Eric Pedersen 4

Backup solutions for small appliances for 2 to 3 weeks where electricity is NOT

I travel extensively to some very remote places in Haiti where there is NO electricity sometimes for weeks. I normally travel wi...
Robert fourcand 7

Basic question about voltage

I known for awhile that to get the most life out of one's batteries, it is best not to discharge them below 12.5 to 12.4 vo...
Lawrence Carroll 10


I need some help, I'm going to get 2 Trojan 105 batteries to start off my small off grid system but I'm not sure if I ...
Jeffrey Peterson 6

Batteries / Off-Grid

When would you use 12v, 24v, 48v, or 96v batteries for an off-grid system? Is it strictly cost related or is there an advantage ...
Andrew Rasken 8

Batteries voltage going down

I had recently installed a PV system at my house. I am using a 60A Flexcharge controller and 4 8D batteries with 3 130...
Jorge Rodriguez 3

battery ah dissimilar

I recently imported from china 24 2v 1000ah gel batteries but when I unpacked them I found that I had received 12 2v 1000ah batt...
Stephen Smith 0

Battteries do not hold charge overnight

Installed 2-130 watt Krocera panels, going to a Xantrex C-35 controller, then to two midsize deep cycle batteries, into a 1500 w...
Allen B 5

being more materialistic

We need to be more materialistic about the products we bie.If we were we would save so much energy!We also need street lights th...
The jess 0


I just bought a piece of propery in Belize and am going to build a 2 bedroom 1 bath house.  I am brand new to this stuff so...
James Clifton 1

Bergey XL1 grid tie

Does anybody have an XL1 in a grid tie set up..?? and also, does anyone here have a Lakota wind turbine or could link to...
Bw B 2

Bergy Vs. Whisper...

Hello All.  Can anyone here give me advice on comparing the Bergy XL-1 to the Whisper 80?  Is one better than the othe...
J. Chris Cloud 1

Best hybrid Solar/Wind off-grid system ???

Dear Friends: Im newbie in this field. I should use a laptop 10 hours/day + 2 x 5w lights 4 hours a day. My cab...
Bhikkhu Samahita 0

Best Placement for Generator

We are building off grid and will be using a 10K generator as part of the system. We need help in placement of the generator to ...
Loiuse Mahoney 5

Best price for new P/V system 100KW ???

Hello! New in this forum, i want ask you for your experience, for the best price but in rela...
P. M. 0

Best way to connect Air-X wire leads

Hi Gang, Excited to try out my new Air-X 400. Was wondering what is the best way for connecting the raw wire leads comi...
Robo Yak 1

Best way to pump 170'/2500gpd w/o power

I am looking to pump water 170', my needs in the summer can be up to 2500 gallons per day, I do perfer solar, live in N. Ca...
Jim Bailey 3

biodiesel stove and wvo generator

 Attached you will find the biodiesel stove prototype demonstration, next we will be working on the biodiesel barbecue. ...
Georges Valme 0

Blackhawk AR-10 Tilt Rotor - In the news!

What's the old saying?  Everybody's famous for 15 minutes?  OK, start your watches. http://www.ktvb...
Bruce Boatner 2

Blackhawk AR-10 Tilt Rotor in the NOOZ again!

This was shot a couple of weeks ago and aired last Wednesday:
Bruce Boatner 0

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