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building solar panels

I'm in the process of building some solar panels.  I need to attach a wire interface to connect each solar panel. ...
Robert Wood 0

looking for something to look at

i have learn a lot about alternative energy in the last 2 months. this is so much to conceder and i would hate to make a mistake...
Nathan Plass 0


GRAHAM TOQUER ISSUE 75, 2007 • I n f i n i t e E n e r g y In 1997, I published an article in this magazine...
Grant Rowe 0

RE. News?

We all know that if nothing else politician's are infamous for their rigmarole or doubletalk. Their good at it. Take this f...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

outdoor air cooling powered by alternative energy

 Hello everyone !At I describe my small invention that can be powered by alternative sources of e...
alexander kotov 0

altE University graduate feedback

Just wanted to put out a big thanks to James C, Eric P, Dave C and the rest of the team at altE for putting on a great 2 weeks o...
James Hasselbeck 0

Free Visitor Registration for Carbon Market Event,24-25 Feb 2010,Indonesia

Emission Markets Indonesia,24-25 Feb 2010,Hotel Borobudur Jakarta Internationl Carbon Market Exhibition and Semina...
Amit Nigam 0

most economical power source

We live in N.E. Texas on a nice hill with lots of southern exposure.   We do several acres of truck farming and have severa...
natures delight 0

in protected area om rain forest on coast in costa rica

We are trying to surpass all forms of sustainable building programs which are certified. There are a range of ways to d...
Chris Davis 0

Power centers

since amanda went away,is there anyone making simaler equipment, I see pluse has something in the catalog here, are these simale...
John R 0

[Reminder] MIT Wind Night tomorrow

Business of Windpower Symposium6:00 PM, Tuesday, October 21st, MIT Room 56-114 (Whitaker Building), Cambridge, MA, 02139 http://...
MIT Wind Night 0

Hybrid System

We have a bergey XL1 as the start to our system.   being new to this if anyone has any advice do's or dont's...
Lee Butcher 0

Building Mounted Turbine?

Does anyone make a turbine that mounts to the top of a building?
Ross Tribby 0

helping hands

I am a student at the Boxelder Job Corp in Nemo, SD. I am applying for the Youth ambassadors program here and one of the applica...
Jennifer Lucero 0

Inexhaustible Energy

When the world is looking forward to energy independence, renewable sources of energy have become popular. The renewable energy ...
Gerald Barry 0

Can anyone recommend a low-cost home wind turbine

My husband (retired, disabled) and me (age 55, a teacher) live on an acre in the middle of a neighbor's alfalfa farm in south ce...
Becky 0

International Marketing

In addition to an avid interest in renewable energy, I also operate a hobby shop and am inundated by emails soliciting business ...
Jon C 0

20 amps at 120v. or 2400w of power

I want to build a system that I can use at an off the grid site. I wanted to know how many 100w panels I would need to power a b...
Brian Eicke 0

Inverter LVD "pitfalls and hacks"

hi gang, some of us have noticed that many of the "economy" inverters have the LVD (low voltage disconnect) s...
David Ames 0

the Age of Aquarius

I am sure a lot of have heard the lyrics to the song, "this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius" but how many of you...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

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