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Solar Storage Tank for Heliopak

I'm about to install a Heliodyne Helio-Pak HPAK 016 000 in my home and I was wondering what is the best type of solar stora...
Clay H 0

Alternative Energy Survey for an MFA Thesis Project

Hi. If you don't want to take the time to read this but are willing to take 5 minutes out of you day to take my survey, ple...
Scott Abel 0

Sodium chloride usage to store 250 kwh/m3 of solar heat.

I have assembled a little system to store 250 kwh/m3 of solar heat. Solar heat is stored through the heat of fusion of the s...
Javier Ramirez 0

The price of Sunshine is coming down.

More on Solar Electricity Cost, PHOTON Consulting “By 2010, solar electricity will be produced for $0.12 per kilowatt...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

My free energy experiments.

Feel free to visit my free energy experiments webpage for some of my experiments,info,schematics and more at http://www.geocitie...
Steve Dickens 0

Some useful resources in this directory

I found this great new directory that categorizes thousands of alternative energy websites in a simple and fun way. ht...
Alx Ramon 0

Best price for new P/V system 100KW ???

Hello! New in this forum, i want ask you for your experience, for the best price but in rela...
P. M. 0

so totally new to alternative energy

I am reading on ine here and ther trying to determine what can i do to use some solar and some wind, perhaps wter too. We get ab...
Dave P 0

Jobs updates !

Hi Guys, Updated World of Renewables with 20 U.S jobs and 16 U.K and Europe Vacancies. Also added News Feeds for each of...
Grant Rowe 0

Chef Boyardee

Chances are a lot of you have heard of that name before. What I would like to know is the name of the guy or gal that had t...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

Pole Mounted PV Rack - Alternative to sched 40 pipe and general installing quest

I have a top of pole rack that I have not yet done a permanent install
Keith Birchfield 0

Newbie needing some advice on SIMPLE setup

Hello everyone. This is my first time posting so bear with me if this has been asked before or if I am completely off track. ...
Sidney Bolam 0


Hi eveyone, I'm new to the site. I am a mechanical engineer and am looking to move (back) to MA from Rochester NY....
Brian Lelli 0

Iota battery chargers

I have a friend with an Iota DLS55 (55 amp at 12v) battery charger and he asked me about increasing the charge amperage to his e...
Michael Goodrich 0

Best hybrid Solar/Wind off-grid system ???

Dear Friends: Im newbie in this field. I should use a laptop 10 hours/day + 2 x 5w lights 4 hours a day. My cab...
Bhikkhu Samahita 0

i have found the road to safe clean nuclear fusion of water

hello, my name is Solomon- and i fundamentally believe I HAVE FOUND THE ROAD TO SAFE CLEAN NUCLEAR FUSION- I have performed an e...
Solomon Azar 0

Has anyone figured this out ?

Has anyone figured out how to pull live data from an SMA webbox to put it on a webserver ? I know there has been alot of di...
Mike Lussier 0

where to get Insurance

Im in the process of buying an off grid house and am having trouble finding insurance any advice would be helpful
Wayne Kobe 0

Cansolair Type Soda Can Solar Heater - Hungarian Website

Anyone speak Hungarian? I found this Cansolair type DIY s...
Joe DeBottis 0

Ceiling fan

The log cabin we are building has a cathedral ceiling over the living area. Looking for an energy efficient ceiling fan with...
Jerry Pierson 0

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